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Ancient History and Archaeology BA Honours (VV14)

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This degree combines the study of ancient Greece and Rome with practical skill development in archaeological theory and techniques.


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Course programme

Course Details

Our degrees are divided into stages. Each stage lasts for an academic year and you need to complete modules totalling 120 credits by the end of each stage.

Please be aware that programme modules do change and therefore may differ for your year of entry.

Stage 1 Compulsory modules
  • ARA1027 Introduction to Archaeology
  • ARA1030 Archaeology of Britain from the Romans to the 20th Century
  • CAC1012 Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology
Optional modules

You choose two or three modules from the following list:

  • ARA1028 Prehistoric Britain
  • ARA1001 Stuff: Living in a Material World
  • ARA1026 Introduction to Archaeological Science
  • CAH1012 West Meets East: Greek History and Society 776-323BC
  • CAH1013 Road to Empire: Roman History 510-31 BC
  • CAH1014 Tragedy, Comedy, History: The World of Greek Literature
  • CAC1015 How Should I Live? An Introduction to Ancient Moral Philosophy
  • CAG1001 Beginners’ Greek in Action 1 AND CAG1002 Beginners’ Greek in Action 2
  • CLA1001 Beginners’ Latin in Action 1 AND CLA1002 Beginners’ Latin in Action 2

Other optional modules may also be available.

Stage 2

At this Stage you must include at least 40 credits of ARA modules and at least 40 credits of CAH/CAC/CAG/CLA modules in your module choice.

Compulsory modules
  • ARA2091 Archaeologies of the Roman Empire: The Roman World from Augustus to Justinian
  • ARA2012 Fieldwork and Archaeological Practice
Optional modules

You choose four modules from the list below:

  • ARA2001 Archaeological Theory and Interpretation
  • ARA2004 Environmental Archaeology
  • ARA2011 Later European Prehistory
  • ARA2016 Archaeologies of Greece
  • ARA2080 The Archaeology of Medieval Europe: AD 400-1500
  • ARA2101 Artefacts
  • CAC2058 Approaches to Near Eastern and Greek Myth
  • CAH2020 Greek and Roman Religions
  • CAH2013 Sex, Bodies and Identities in Antiquity
  • CAH2006 In Alexander’s Footsteps: Classical and Hellenistic Empires
  • CAH2007 Caesar’s Gift: Rome under the Emperors
  • MCH2997 Our Visual Past: Ancient Rock Art in the UK and Internationally
  • NCL2100 Developing Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability
Stage 3

At this Stage you must include at least 40 credits of ARA modules and at least 40 credits of CAH/CAC/CAG/CLA modules in your module choice.

Compulsory modules

You choose one of the following modules:

  • ARA3001 Dissertation in Archaeology
  • ARA3002 Dissertation in Ancient History and Archaeology
  • CAH3000 Portfolio in Ancient History II: Dissertation
Optional modules

You choose four modules from the list below:

  • ARA3004 Geoarchaeology
  • ARA3013 Early Medieval Northern Europe
  • ARA3016 The Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours
  • ARA3021 Frontier Communities of Roman Britain
  • ARA3031 Historical Archaeology of Britain 1500-Present
  • ARA3114 Regionality and the Fall of Rome
  • ARA3100 The Rise of the Middle Sea: An archaeological voyage across the prehistoric Mediterranean
  • ARA3025 Social Prehistory of the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain
  • CAH3005 City of Athens: Power, Society and Culture
  • CAH3025 Celluloid History II
  • CAH3034 'Like ants or frogs around the pond': Mobility and Identity in the Greek Mediterranean
  • CAH3036 Roman Egypt
  • CAH3010 Life and Afterlife of Alexander the Great
  • CAH3033 Fall of the Roman Republic
  • NCL3007 Career Development for Final Year Students

Careers Ancient History and Archaeology careers

Archaeology students enter a wide range of careers. The graduate job market includes careers in finance, marketing, law, the media, management, teaching and much else, and is as open to archaeologists as to any other graduates. Employers appreciate the combination of transferable skills which our degrees give you.

Some of our students begin careers as professional excavators and archaeologists, others choose careers in museum and heritage work.

Postgraduate courses cater for those wishing to specialise in various types of archaeological or historical work and these include opportunities for professional training and study in museum and heritage work.

In addition, many graduates volunteer in museums or on excavations in the UK or abroad to increase their practical experience before taking up permanent employment.

Other archaeology graduates use their skills and expertise as, for example, company archivists, information technologists, specialist librarians and researchers, and in a variety of industries including publishing, broadcasting and public relations.

Find out more about the career options for History and Archaeology from Prospects: The UK’s Official Careers Website.

Ancient History and Archaeology BA Honours (VV14)

Price on request