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Typology Course
Level Beginner
Methodology Online
Duration 9 Months
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  • Beginner
  • Online
  • Duration:
    9 Months

Would you like your children to have fun while learning? Let them join the new course App Development for Kids, recently added in Emagister catalogue, and discover how to turn their ideas into reality using the power of code!

Tekkieuni is an online international school for children and its course moves from basic logic and programming concepts to advanced coding, all through fun, experience and practice!

For kids, learning coding is important just like learning to read and write. For these reasons, Tekkie Uni doesn’t just teach kids how to code, it uses coding as a tool for creative thinking, problem solving and team work!

Investing in teachers is the secret sauce for Tekkie Uni success. All teachers go through intensive training and are highly experienced in working with kids. They speak to children in their own language, always looking for new ways to motivate them through playing and working on projects.

Tekkie Uni creates a fun learning environment that builds confidence in young adults. So what are you waiting for? Visit emagister.co.uk and discover how kids can learn coding through play!

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Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

Kids will learn the foundations of coding using a block-based development environment called Scratch, they will quickly move on to writing code for the first time using LiveCode, a programming language that provides a smooth transition to the world of code since it's using simple English as syntax. During the program, kids will work on 5 projects! They will develop various apps; learn how to insert media files (audio, video and images) into the App and finish the program with 4 Apps that they created and designed already installed on their device!

· Requirements

Ages: 10 to 17.

· What marks this course apart?

Junior Innovators graduate their first year having designed, developed and launched their first apps and games.


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5.0 04/08/2018
What I would highlight: As per me the course was interesting and informative. I had a good experience and I would recommend the same to all. It was truly good.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
5.0 26/05/2018
What I would highlight: They teach at the supreme level and everything is great right from the methodology to techniques they use. I had a nice time in all. Thanks for everything.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
3.5 04/02/2017
What I would highlight: The overall environment was good and I had a nice time in all, students were great and rest everything was perfect. It was an interesting course and things were really satisfying. I had a nice time in all. The atmosphere was quite positive and professional.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
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What you'll learn on the course

Project Control
Creative Thinking
Applications Server
Project Development
Apps Development
Mobile App
Visual Simulation
Design techniques
English Language
Children Education
Syntax Writing
Computer Programming
Video Production

Course programme


Coding is a means of creative expression. We empower students to build apps that are important to them, and to actively lead the project from A to Z.

Welcome to the World of Code!

In this unit, Tekkies will learn the foundation of coding using a block-based development environment called Scratch.

My First App

Tekkies will get acquainted with "LiveCode": a mobile app development language.

Be Cool is the first APP that is developed using real syntax writing. The app allows texts to appear and disappear as a consequence of different textual inputs.

My First Game

Tekkies' first game is just around the corner! This is also the first app the kids will be able to install it on their smartphone.

My Tamago is a simple game where the gamers control a counter positioned in the center of the screen. The game's UX is uniquely designed by our young Tekkies. The original version of the App had more than 20 million downloads around the world!

Educational Software

Tekkies will develop two educational software, they will also acquire additional programming and designing tools.

Deep Sea Adventure is an educational app that teaches toddlers the names of the different colors. The kids will build a scoreboard and combine animation as part of the question/answer.

Space Odyssey is a self-learning program that performs addition and subtraction of numbers within groups of ten. The kids will be acquainted with basic marketing concepts and transfer data to external software.

Final Project

Tekkies will use all the skills they acquired during the program in creating their final and most advanced project.

My Kitty is an arcade-like game. In this game, a target will appear on the Screen in a random place. The player is supposed to catch the target by dragging an object. Every catch will add scores to the player.