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Data Science is becoming the future! Do you want to be part of it? Complete this course at and further your skill set in this growing industry.

Data has been called the new global currency, and its meteoric rise is transforming entire industries and driving the demand for practitioners who can wield its power. From health care and finance to entertainment, cybersecurity and beyond, the need for data scientists continues to grow in tandem opportunities for career advancement within the field.

To help fill this talent gap and further the use of data science to solve real-world problems, Columbia Engineering Executive Education has partnered with EMERITUS to create the Applied Data Science course.

Our approach to this course is to teach the underlying concepts and statistics of Data Science.

Going beyond the theory, our approach invites participants into a conversation, where learning is facilitated by live subject matter experts and enriched by practitioners in the field of data science. We expect learners would be required to put in 6-8 hours per week.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a verified digital certificate from EMERITUS in collaboration with Columbia Engineering Executive Education.

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About this course

This course is designed for working professionals looking to gain skills in advanced concepts in Data Science. This course demands consistent work and a time commitment of six to eight hours per week during the 3-month journey.

Intellectual Capital:
- Global Education
- Rigorous and experiential curriculum
- World-renowned faculty
- Globally Connected Classroom: Peer to Peer Learning Circles
- Action Learning: Learning by Doing

Brand Capital:
- Certificate from EMERITUS in collaboration with Columbia
- Engineering Executive Education

Social Capital:
- Build new networks through peer interaction
- Benefit from diverse class profiles

Career Capital:
- Professional Acceleration through our enriched leadership toolkit
- Learn while you earn
- Get noticed. Get ahead.

This course is designed for professionals currently in or seeking to secure a position as a:

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Engineer
Big Data Engineer
Software Developer

The course requires an undergraduate knowledge of statistics, (descriptive statistics, regression, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, interval estimation etc.) linear algebra and probability.

Familiarity with Python or any programming language is required.

Assignments/application projects which require programming will be done using the Python programming language.

The Applied Data Science certificate course is composed of 12 modules spanning across three months. The course has fixed start and end dates. To complete the course, students must successfully complete all the modules and the associated video lectures, assignments and application projects. The projects require learners to apply the Data Science concepts they have learned to datasets and derive inferences. In addition to this, participants would be exposed to discussions and live webinars where learning is facilitated by subject matter experts and enriched by practitioners in the field of Data Science.

The Applied Data Science course is a rigorous 3-month online certificate course designed for working professionals to develop practical knowledge and skills, establish a professional network, and accelerate entry into data science careers.

Yes, EMERITUS offers need-based scholarships for a limited number of participants. Please note: A complete and accurate application for the course is required to be considered for a scholarship. Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll be notified about any scholarships you may be eligible for.

Columbia Engineering Executive Education is collaborating with online education provider EMERITUS Institute of Management to offer a portfolio of high-impact online courses. These courses leverage Columbia’s thought leadership in management practice developed over years of research, teaching, and practice.

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Hi, this is an online course in Applied Data Science



  • Data Management
  • Database
  • Data Collection
  • Database Design
  • Data Protection
  • Data analysis
  • Database training
  • Executive
  • Approach
  • Engineering
  • Python
  • Data Structures
  • SQL
  • Database Formats
  • Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Statistical distributions
  • Machine Learning
  • Classification
  • Machine Learning Methods

Course programme


Module 1 - PYTHON BASICSTranslating Procedures into Code
Module 2 - INTERMEDIATE PYTHONIntroduction to Data Structures
Module 3 - RELATIONAL DATABASESWhere (most) data is stored
Module 4 - SQLUbiquitous database formats/languages
Module 6 - SAMPLINGWhen you don’t have all the data
Module 7 - HYPOTHESIS TESTINGAnswering questions about your data
Module 8 - DATA ANALYSIS & VISUALIZATIONUsing Python’s NumPy for analysis
Module 9 - DATA ANALYSIS & VISUALIZATIONUsing Python’s Pandas for data wrangling
Module 10 - TEXT MININGAutomatic Understanding of Text
Module 11 - REGRESSION & CLASSIFICATIONMachine learning methods for prediction
Module 12 - CLUSTERING & DECISION TREESMachine learning methods for representation

Applied Data Science

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