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Are you ready to boost your career? Do you want to learn how to use new tools? With this course you can!

Emagister recently added to its educational catalogue the ArcGIS Pro - basic, advanced and ArcPy training courose endorsed by AulaGEO Academy.

This course include, the basic of ArcGIS Pro; data edition, methods to selection of spatial data based in attributes and location and creation of bookmarks.
Then, it includea digitization of shapefiles, addition and digitizing layers, editing attribute and column attributes.

You will learn to use symbology within features and labeling of points, lines and polygons.‑ Includes buffer analyisis, import of Excel data and georeference of images.

To share data you will learn how to share data online and generate final maps.

Includes step by step excercises in the AulaGEO environment.

Learn how to use the advanced aspects of ArcGIS Pro:

-Handling of satellite images (Imagery),

-Spatial databases (Geodatabse),

-Management of LiDAR point clouds,

-Content publishing with ArcGIS Online,

-Applications for mobile capture and visualization (Appstudio),

-Creation of interactive contents (Story maps),

-Creation of final contents (Layouts from .mxd and from scratch).

Python programming in ArcGIS Pro

The course includes databases, layers and images used in the course to do what appears in the videos.

The entire advanced sections are applied in a single context according to the AulaGEO methodology.

Define your career today! Contact AulaGEO Academy through for more information about this course!






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"Learn ArcGIS Pro from zero Create, import data, analyze and generate final maps Learn doing, through step by step use cases - All in the same environment of data. Learn doing, through step by step use cases - All in the same environment of data."

"Everyone who wants to improve their profile and expand their opportunities in geospatial design and analysis. GIS users which have used ArcGIS Desktop versions and want to learn how to do the process with ArcGIS Pro"

The course is from scratch. So it can be taken by a geo-engineering professional or a design enthusiast.

"-100% online -Access to the course for life -30 days warranty money back -Available from desktop or mobile app -Can begin and finish the course any time -Can repeat the course any times"

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AulaGEO Academy

AulaGEO Academy

Specialized center in Geospatial, Engineering and Operations

We choose the best courses and make them available to new audiences in the spectrum CAD - GIS - BIM - Digital Twins Our training offer covers the entire spectrum of data intelligence: Capture - Modeling - Design - Construction - Operation. The creators of courses with which we have decided to work or promote have been carefully selected, to offer a complementary set of knowledge. We firmly believe that today people do not seek courses to fill their walls with diplomas; but to make their abilities more productive.

Course programme

"Introduction Introduction Data selection Use bookmarks Creating and editing spatial data Import data from Excel Symbology data Editing of attribute data Labeling features Digitization of geographic information Georeferencing of images Analysis data Buffer analysis Publishing contents from ArcGIS Pro Map generation Advanced features of ArcGIS Pro Advanced features of ArcGIS Pro Test ArcGIS Pro Let´s do it in AulaGEO - step by step excercises Let´s do it in AulaGEO - step by step excercises Exercise 1. Import CAD data to GIS Exercise 2. Import coordinates from Excel for split a polygon Exercise 3. Calculation of areas and composition of calculated fields Exercise 4. Buffer Analysis Exercise 5. Attribute labeling Exercise 6. Thematization by attributes Exercise 7. Digitization tricks Exercise 8. Gereferencing images Advanced analysis Working with satellite images Creation and management of Geodatabases Working with point clouds - LiDAR Generation of products for users Share content with ArcGIS Online Interactive content - StoryMaps Create applications - AppStudio for ArcGIS Creation of Layout from a .mxd Create Layout from scratch in ArcGIS Pro Python programming in ArcGIS Pro Run python script from outside ArcGIS Pro Introduction to python window Run buffer analysis tool Field management tool & Length Calculation Use Arcpy for Get result form tool, wo…ta properties Import Arcpy and modules Describe properties of data Create a field list and loop through the contents Geo processing and select by location tools List unique values from attribute table Ordenados por nombre Map document ot pdf map conversion Split Line to Multiple Parts Bonus lesson The better of Excel GIS/CAD hacks Image segmentation Image clasification"

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ArcGIS Pro - basic, advanced and ArcPy

up to £ 100