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Aurum Training is a leading training company offering specialised courses and mandatory training for different sectors such as: medical, dental, building and construction.

We target employees who are in need of their yearly mandatory training updates in order to be compliant in their career.

We know training can be time consuming and costly, we have therefore managed to provide the same service but at a low cost of just £ 38.99 making it time and cost effective. Our mandatory training takes just one day and certificates are issued upon completion.

All certificates are nationally accepted and valid up to one year. Differently from other companies Aurum Training's certificates contain course content.

With our friendly training team who are located around the UK we are sure we will be able to provide a suitable location in or near your area. One of the aspects which distinguishes us from other companies is that we are flexible and can travel everywhere in UK, anytime of the week. We can arrange training days for you following your needs.

In addition, you can enjoy one of our online offers and see how you can get your training for free to make sure you choose the right course for you saving money and time.

We look forward to hearing from you, please feel free to contact one of our staff for more information, or if you would like the training to be brought to your work place which can be a cost effective way of training your staff please call for more information.

As a matter of fact UK law gives you the freedom to comply in a way that suits you and your business, at Aurum Training we give you the power to do just that.

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Phlebotomy And Cannulation

Slav Wojcik
5.0 01/09/2019
About the course: Great experience
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Advantages of studying here

Benefits to employees:

• Development of skills and knowledge that can be transferred across the health and care sector require

• Minimisation of retraining as they move between organisations

• We offer training at a competitive price

• We give discount rates for people that comes back to us to refresh their training

• We offer certificates which contain content of each training module, therefore our certificates are recognised nationally by employers. You can save time and money and do not need to repeat your mandatory training more than once a year to be compliant with your workplace regulations

• We give attendants certificates on the same day of training

• We are flexible and can deliver training anywhere is more convenient for client

• We train 7 days a week, including weekends for those who work Monday to Friday

• You can book your training in many different ways: online, over the telephone, by email, by post.

Benefits to companies:

• We follow a standardised framework against which to deliver and assess mandatory training skills

• We offer flexible means of getting staff to undertake mandatory training

• Cost effective delivery method with minimised re-training as staff move from organisation to organisation

• The assurance of an accredited curriculum, mapped against key national standards and requirements

• Increase in employees performance at work

• Less incidents at work, reduced insurance compensations

• Valid training certificates available at the end of the training session

Areas of specialisation

1 Basic Life Support
2 Complaints Handling
3 Confidentiality
5 Data Protection
6 Fire Safety
7 First Aid
8 Food Handling
9 Handling Violence and Aggression
10 Health & Safety
11 Infection Control
12 Lone Worker
13 Manual Handling
14 Phlebotomy and Cannulation
16 Risk Assessment, Incident Reporting
17 Safe Use of Workstations for Office Workers
18 Safeguarding of Children (POCA)
19 Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
20 The Caldicott Protocols