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CADLearning® for Autodesk® Vault 2014 covers all available levels of Vault, including Basic, Workgroup, Collaboration and Professional. CAD Managers will learn how to setup new Vault installations, configure server administration, create permissions and set standards. Users will learn how to use Vault to better protect proprietary data and intellectual property.

This course is a full-featured course covering beginner to advanced concepts, and everything in between. It is a video tutorial series of over 6 hours of video tutorials on DVD.

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Key Topics

The Autodesk Vault 2014 Course is divided into following lessons:

Module 1: Vault Server
Module 2: Vault Client
Module 3: Working with Vault Data
Module 4: Behaviors
Module 5: Integration with Autodesk
Module 6: Integration with Office
Module 7: Working with Items
Module 8: Change Orders
Module 9 : Vault Web Client

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Course programme

Course OutlineHow is the Course Structured?

The Autodesk Vault 2014 Course is divided into following lessons:

Chapter 1: Vault Server

  • Introducing the ADMS Console
  • Creating and Working with Vaults
  • Setting up Content Center and Libraries
  • Learning How to Backup and Restore Vault Data
  • Managing Your Vault
  • Maintaining Your Vault
  • Cleaning Your Vault Data
  • Working with Vault Replication

Chapter 2: Vault Client

  • Introducing the Vault Client
  • Understanding Users and Groups
  • Working with Domain Users
  • Creating Folder Structure and Mapping
  • Creating and Mapping Properties
  • Connecting the Workspace
  • Dealing with Prompts
  • Assigning Security Over Your Data
  • Working with Library Folders
  • Examining Vault Settings and Options
  • Controlling Vault Visualization Settings
  • Creating and Customizing Views
  • Using the Search Capabilities
  • Managing the Job Server

Chapter 3: Working with Vault Data

  • Adding Non-CAD Data
  • Adding CAD Data
  • Using the Autoloader
  • Learning the Check In and Check Out Processes
  • Using the Get/Check Out Tool
  • Purging and Deleting Files and Folders
  • Understanding Vault Status Symbols
  • Learning the Tabs on the Preview Pane
  • Attaching Files
  • Moving Files and Folders within Vault
  • Renaming Files and Folders
  • Using the Copy Design Tool
  • Working with and Editing Properties
  • Creating Reports
  • Working with Labels
  • Using the Pack and Go and Send Tools
  • Using the Plot and Batch Plot Utilities
  • Creating and Working With Custom Objects

Chapter 4: Behaviors

  • Setting Up Lifecycles
  • Controlling Lifecycles
  • Setting Up Revision Schemes
  • Working with File Revisions and States
  • Setting Up Categories
  • Setting Up and Changing Files Categories
  • Setting Up Data Cards
  • Working with Data Cards
  • Creating and Working with Custom Numbering Schemes

Chapter 5: Integration with Autodesk

  • Setting Up Inventor for Use with Vault
  • Setting up AutoCAD for Use with Vault
  • Setting up Revit for Use with Vault
  • Reviewing the Access Panel
  • Understanding the File Status Panel
  • Working with the Control Panel
  • Using the Vault Browser
  • Understanding Proper Workflows and Procedures with Inventor
  • Understanding Proper Workflows and Procedures with AutoCAD
  • Understanding Proper Workflows and Procedures with Revit
  • Working between PLM 360 and Vault

Chapter 6: Integration with Office

  • Setting Up Microsoft Office for Use with Vault
  • Working with the Vault Tab in Microsoft Office
  • Using the Vault Menu in Microsoft Office
  • Understanding Proper Workflows and Procedures

Chapter 7: Working with Items

  • Introducing the Item Master
  • Creating New Items
  • Assigning Items
  • Importing and Exporting Items
  • Locating Items with the Search Tools
  • Setting Up and Customizing the Item Master Views
  • Navigating Between Vault and the Item Master
  • Exploring the Item Preview Pane
  • Setting Up Lifecycles
  • Working with Lifecycles and Items
  • Working with Revisions on Items
  • Setting Up and Assigning Categories for Items
  • Working with Items
  • Restoring Previous Item Revisions

Chapter 8: Change Orders

  • Introducing Change Orders
  • Creating New Change Orders
  • Setting Up Routings
  • Navigating Between Vault and the Change Order List
  • Explaining the ECO Window and Tabs
  • Working Through an ECO Process
  • Understanding the Links within Vault Professional

Chapter 9: Vault Web Client

  • Setting Up and Accessing the Vault Web Client
  • Searching and Navigating within the Vault Web Client
  • Accessing and Downloading Data from the Vault Web Client

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Autodesk Vault 2014 Training

£ 129 VAT inc.