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Acquire a good basic knowledge of aircraft electronic equipment and systems.
Suitable for: Those who want to pursue a career in the Airline industry. Those who want to improve your general knowledge in this fascinating field




Distance Learning


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Course programme


If you want to acquire a good basic knowledge of Aircraft electronic equipment and an understanding of Avionic systems, then this is the home study course for you.

When you have completed this course you will have:

  • Knowledge of aircraft electronic equipment and systems
  • Information skills for interview or any discussion on topics related to and about aircraft electronic systems
  • Knowledge of the historical background on how aircraft and avionic technology progressed hand in hand to create the air transport industry we know day
  • Knowledge of flight crew operations /responsibilities
  • An understanding of external devices mounted on aircraft and their functions
  • Fundamentals on how an aircraft flies
  • A knowledge of the important relationship between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and aircraft flight crews

Course Contents

Remember, You can complete this Avionics course within 6 to 9 months of enrolling. So take your first step by contacting us today !

Detailed Content

Unit 1: Smart Chips and the Flying Machine

  • Historical Background
  • New Electronic Technology
  • Aircraft Structure and Overview
  • Basic Aircraft Aerodynomics

Unit 2: Talk to me

  • The Development of Radio
  • Aircraft Radio Systems
  • Radio Frequency Waves
  • Very High Frequency Radio (VHF)
  • High Frequency Radio (HF)

Unit 3: Air Traffic Control (ATC)

  • Historical Background
  • Ground Air Traffic Control Systems
  • ATC Ground Primary Radar System
  • Aircraft ATC Equipment Description
  • Aircraft ATC Equipment Location
  • Transponder Transmitter-Receiver Operation
  • Mode 'S' Aircraft Transponder
  • Bird Strikes - An ATC Problem Reviewed

Unit 4: The Black Boxes

  • Voice Recorder System
  • Flight Recorder System
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) System
  • New Developments in Safety Sytems

Unit 5: Stormy Weather

  • Historical Background
  • Aircraft Weather Radar System
  • Aircraft Weather Radar System Components
  • Aircraft Weather Radar System Operations
  • Aircraft Weather Radar Systems
  • Aircraft Weather Radar System Defects

Unit 6: Aircraft Navigation Systems

  • Automatic Direction Finding (ADF) System
  • Very High Omnidirectional Range (VOR) System
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Magnetic Heading Reference System (MHRS)
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) Description
  • Aircraft ILS System Components & Operation

Unit 7: Careful - High Ground!

  • Ground Proximity Warning System Description
  • Ground Proximity Warning System Operation
  • GPWS Warning Signals
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • Review of GPWS and EGPWS

Unit 8: Evasive Action

  • Traffic Collision and Avoidance (TCAS) System - Historical Background
  • TCAS System Components and Description
  • The Mode 'S' Transponder in TCAS
  • Resolution & Traffic Advisories
  • TCAS Cockpit Display Symbols
  • New TCAS Systems
  • TCAS I & II Differences Reviewed
How distance learning worksYour Own Avionics tutor

As a Kilroy's College student, you will be assigned a personal tutor, who works with you throughout your course, providing expert guidance and tuition. With your experienced and qualified Avionics specialist as your tutor, you will be in "a class of one" but you will never be on your own.

Continuous Assessment

An assignment is completed at the end of each study unit and sent to your tutor at the college. Helpful comments accompany each corrected assignment as they are promptly returned to you with your next study unit. You will receive regular feedback and encouragement from your tutor throughout your course, which helps to ensure the successful completion of your studies.

Private and Confidential

Any correspondence with the college and all your course work will be treated as strictly private and confidential.

Your Course Textbook

An excellent textbook, carefully chosen by our course writers to complement this study programme, will be sent to you with your first study units, which is yours to keep for future reference.

College Diploma

A Kilroy's College Diploma is awarded to students based on their work throughout their course. You will receive your Kilroy's College Diploma in Avionics on the successful completion of all your assignments.

About the Future

Many of our students currently employed have received a promotion or an increase in salary, as a direct result of completing a Kilroy's College course. Many students tell us that our courses have given them the confidence to go on to further study, to begin work or to change careers. So if you don't have time for evening classes or you would prefer to study at home at your own pace, this Avionics course could be perfect for you.

Distance Learning Advantages

  • You don't need to take time off from work or other personal commitments as this Avionics course allows you the flexibility and confidentiality of studying at home.
  • You can start studying at any time as the college is open all year round.
  • Because you study from home it offers you valuable savings in time and transportation.
  • There is no pressure on time, no age limits and no previous experience is required.
  • You will be in "a class of one" with your own tutor, an experienced and qualified specialist in Avionics, and your tuition is private and confidential.
  • You will receive everything you need to get started in your student study pack.
  • You will be awarded the Kilroy's College Diploma in Avionics in recognition of your educational achievement, on the successful completion of your course.

Delivery Method:
1. Correspondence

Private Tutor: Yes

Duration: 6 to 9 months

Additional information

Payment options: Regular price: £485 Easy Instalment Plan: 6 monthly payments - £90, total fee - £540


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