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Do yu want to gain the knowledge and tools required to work in the business and IT world? If the answer is yes, the Apollos BSIT degree program is made for you.
The objective of the program is to educate the student in the fundamentals of IT and prepare them for both employment and graduate studies. The program core courses will provide a strong foundation of IT, whereas the 9-credit capstone project will prepare them for industrial grade work. As a distinguishing factor, the topics of the capstone project will track the cutting-edge industry trends, i.e., big-data, business intelligence, analytics, cloud computing, mobile platform, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

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To take into account

· What are the objectives of this course?

The program objectives for the BSIT graduate are that they will be able to accomplish the following: (1) Apply concepts, theories, and analytical methods in the functional areas of IT.  (2) Demonstrate an understanding of computer architecture in order to have a greater insight of how computer hardware and software function.  (3) Design and develop programs for the computer, web, and mobile platforms. (4) Build databases to improve the management of information.  (5) Apply networking principles to manage communications among computers. (6) Apply social networking and media to improve the communication to desired individuals and/or organizations.  (7) Apply IT security principles to protect data for individuals and organizations. (8) Demonstrate an understanding of current technology trends. (9) Develop a fundamental understanding of business practices and organizational functions. (10) Demonstrate effective collaboration and teamwork skills.

· Who is it intended for?

IT professionals who have a minimum of a high school diploma. If the student has taken college credits, Apollos can review college transcripts for possible transfer credits which will reduce the cost and time to complete the degree program.

· Requirements

(1) High School diploma. (2) English Language Proficiency

· Qualification

Accredited BSIT Degree or certificate

· What marks this course apart?

The BSIT provides comprehensive learning of the IT discipline. The program starts out with learning the fundamentals and concludes with a rigorous capstone project which enables the student to design and implement a project utilizing at least one of the state-of-the-art technologies, i.e., artificial intelligence, big-data, analytics, cloud computing, mobile platform, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

· What happens after requesting information?

Admissions will work with individuals to ensure they receive the information they need in order to make an informed decision. When the individual applies, Admissions will ensure the process is smooth for the applicant.

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Former Student
4.0 16/12/2017
What I would highlight: I have four children, a husband, and a full time professional job. It was a bit challenging at the start, but once I got into the groove of the program, I found that I enjoyed it. My professors were very understanding, the courses were flexible.
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What you'll learn on the course

Artificial Intelligence
Information technology
Web Design
Computer Programing
Cloud computing
Mobile Platform
Internet of Things (IoT)
Decision Making

Course programme

The 40 Class (120 Credits) BSIT program consist of: 14 Classes (42 Credits) of Foundational Required Classes, 10 Classes (30 Credits) Professional Elective classes, 13 Classes (39 Credits) of Major Core Classes, and 3 Classes (9 Credits) of Capstone Courses.

The following a list of the Core and Capstone Classes:

  • CIT 2301 Computer Architecture,
  • CIT 2302 Introduction to Programming,
  • CIT 2303 Fundamentals of Networking,
  • CIT 2304 Fundamentals of Databases,
  • BUS 3304 Information Systems Mgt.,
  • CIT 3301 Web Development,
  • CIT 3302 Mobile Platform,
  • CIT 3303 Social Networking,
  • CIT 3304 Information Tech Security,
  • CIT 4301 Advanced Programming,
  • CIT 4302 E-Commerce Programming,
  • CIT 4303 Advanced Database Systems,
  • CIT 4304 Agile Scrum Software Dev Life,
  • CIT 4350 Capstone Project I,
  • CIT 4360 Capstone Project II,
  • CIT 4370, and Capstone Project III.

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