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Bid Management Training to take you from " Wish To Win" from an experienced international Bid Manager. Build your Bid ToolKit™ and learn the SuperBid™ Methodology, practice in workshops and discuss with established bid managers.Courses for small bids or international bids.

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OnTrack The Winning Solution - Distance Learning course
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...for all or part of the bid process. From: IT, Business, Telecoms, Building, Engineering, Fulfilment, World Bank, Country Infra Structure Projects... Learn about: Financial Risk, Technical writing, Business Writing... More

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 Lee Lister
Lee Lister

Lee Lister is an International Bid and Programme expert with more than 16 years bid management experience ranging from bids for medium companies to large international and country infrastructure bids. She became a recognized expert on preparing and evaluating large World Bank Proposals (infrastructure and business process projects within developing Countries) and has consulted on setting the World Bank Bid Evaluation Criteria, acknowledged by an invitation to be the principle speaker at the International Business Development Conference in Washington, USA. She has BPO and PFI experience.

John Brown
John Brown
Bid Manager

Advantages of studying here

* Learn how to set up your bid environment.* Develop a winning bid management methodology.* Design your own bid management ToolKit™ to help you prepare your bids.* Explore your company’s strengths and bidding abilities.* Understand the key processes necessary to deliver high quality winning bids within tight deadlines.* Gain the ability to recognise and mitigate risks and problem proposal requests.* Appreciate how to differentiate your bid from your rivals and ensure that your proposal stands out from all the others.* Investigate how to produce a winning solution that will place you “head and shoulders” above your competitors.* Produce costing and pricing models to that all your bids are profitable. * Discover how to prepare proposals that demonstrate an understanding of your client’s requirements.* Achieve skills to define you solutions and write compelling and winning proposals.* Practice lessons learnt with real life case studies, workshops and questions sessions.

Areas of specialisation

Bid ManagementProposal ManagementProject Management