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    1 Day

This workshops looks at the practicalities of effective briefing and why it sometimes goes so wrong. It provides delegates with a briefing framework and a checklist to ensure objectives are met. It also shows how to make the most of a Creative Strategy and why this is so key.
Suitable for: Junior marketers, product, sector, category marketers, sales promotion and marketing communication staff and anyone responsible for briefing design / creative work

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Course programme

How to make sure you get what you want from your creatives and avoid just a ‘beauty parade’.

Why should you attend?

  • To learn how to write and verbally brief designers/ creatives so that you never get any unpleasant shocks
  • To understand how to evaluate the designers work and interpret it in light of your brand / communication objectives
  • To appreciate the role and importance of a well crafted Creative Strategy
  • To learn how to handle and negotiate with designers and creatives for the benefit of all

Key content

Unit 1
  • How to write a successful design brief: content, style and explicit requirements
  • Selecting and instructing design/creative agencies
  • Evaluating and interpreting the results in light of business objectives (not just which one you like the best!)
Unit 2
  • How to develop a creative strategy
  • How to determine successful and relevant communications objectives
  • Implementation – design through to finished materials, costs, timings etc
  • Handling and negotiating with creatives, dealing with problems and rush-jobs


9.30am to 4.30pm

Briefing Design / Creative Work

Price on request