C Programming

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Course Aim: Through practical experience and exercises understand the central concepts of C++.
Suitable for: This course is suitable for those who need to learn more about the central concepts of C ++ language




Fareham (Hampshire)
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Barnes Wallis Road, PO15 5TU


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Course programme

C Programming Introduction This course provides a practical hands-on introduction to the C++ programming language. Participants will learn the central concepts of the C++ language, with emphasis on the use of object-oriented techniques in writing robust code. Course Objectives
By the end of the course you will be able to:
    • Describe object-oriented programming techniques
    • Use the syntax and semantics of the C++ programming language
    • Create new classes
    • Write an object-oriented program in C++
    • Discovering both initialization and assignment
    • Describe the process of data abstraction
    • Create new data types using inheritance
    • Discover about polymorphism
    • Use C++ class libraries
    • Implement exception handling
    • Write template functions and classes
Content Lesson 1: C++ Overview - C++ Characteristics - Object-Oriented Terminology - Polymorphism - Object-Oriented Paradigm - Abstract Data Types - I/O Services - Standard Template Library - Standards Compliance
Lesson 2: Functions and Variables - Functions: Declaration and Definition - Variables: Definition, Declaration and Scope - Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data - Arrays and Strings in C++ - Qualifiers
Lesson 3: Classes in C++ - Defining Classes in C++ - Classes and Encapsulation - Member Functions - Instantiating and Using Classes - Using Constructors - Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists - Using Destructors to Destroy Instances - Friendship
Lesson 4: Operator Overloading - Operator Overloading - Working with Overloaded Operator Methods Lesson 5: Initialization and Assignment - Initialization vs. Assignment - The Copy Constructor - Assigning Values - Specialized Constructors and Methods - Constant and Static Class Members Lesson 6: Storage Management - Memory Allocation - Dynamic Allocation: new and delete
Lesson 7: Inheritance - Overview of Inheritance - Defining Base and Derived Classes - Constructor and Destructor Calls
Lesson 8: Polymorphism - Overview of Polymorphism
Lesson 9: Input and Output in C++ Programs - Standard Streams - Manipulators - Unformatted Input and Output - File Input and Output
Lesson 10: Exceptions - Exceptions - Inheritance and Exceptions - Exception Hierarchies - Inside an Exception Handler
Lesson 11: Templates - Template Overview - Customizing a Templated Method - Standard Template Library Containers Course Includes Lunch/refreshments and course materials

C Programming

£ 1,625 + VAT