Calligraphy (SCQF level 5)


In Glasgow

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    Glasgow (Scotland)

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This course is designed to introduce you to the art of beautiful writing.You should bring a calligraphy fountain pen on the first evening; a Manuscript calligraphy pen with a 3B or 4B nib is ideal. If you’re left-handed bring the same pen but with an oblique left-handed 3B or 4B nib.



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Glasgow (Glasgow City)
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21 Thistle Street, G5 9XB

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Different dates availableEnrolment now open

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Course programme

  • Basic Calligraphic Composition.

  • Foundational Alphabets.

  • Italic Alphabets.

  • Embellished Letterforms.

  • Decorative Calligraphic Borders.

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Calligraphy (SCQF level 5)

Price on request