Certificate Of Educational Studies In TESOL

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Important information

Typology Training
Methodology Distance Learning
Class hours 150h
  • Training
  • Distance Learning
  • 150h

Provide the basic skills necessary for teaching English. Develop a practical awareness of the English language. Show how this awareness can be applied in the classroom. Develop a basic knowledge of the principles of TESOL. Develop management skills for the classroom.
Suitable for: People who are: seeking a career in teaching English no previous teaching experience is. needed. working in a Tesol / Tefl post without a formal teaching qualification. looking for a refresher course or a source of reference material. teaching other languages but looking for new approaches in the. classroom.

Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

You need at least school-leaving qualifications plus sufficient competence in English to allow the completion of assignments. Some students have a degree but this is not compulsory. You should be at least 17 years old to register.

Course programme

Course description

The course is a highly practical distance learning programme, allowing you to develop the skills and techniques needed in classroom teaching. It also covers some of the theoretical issues behind the practice and principles of teaching. The course is intended for both native speakers as well as non-native speakers of English.

On successful completion of the course, in addition to the certificate issued by the English Training Centre, you will be entitled to a certificate from the independent accreditation body ACTDEC for which an additional £20 fee is payable directly to ACTDEC.

The CES course material consists of over 440 pages in three modules, each containing four units. The course takes approximately 150 hours of study, including completion of the tasks and the assignments.

CES TESOL Course features

  • The course has been prepared by a team of English language trainers with many years of experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages and the training of TESOL/TEFL teachers. It is regularly updated to reflect changing trends in teaching English. The course includes tasks and assignments to help to reinforce your learning.
  • The free English Grammar Guide will be an invaluable resource and boost your confidence in the classroom.
  • You can learn at your own pace, free from travel demands and the limitations of timed, classroom-based lessons. You can take time to read and absorb the material thoroughly - and the opportunity for revision is always there.
  • Trainees on classroom-based courses often feel pressured by teacher observation. With our course you are free to experiment with the ideas and techniques in your own classroom without feeling that you are being observed.

Summary CES syllabus

The Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL course represents approximately 150 hours of study, including completion of the tasks and the assignments. The material consists of over 440 pages in three modules, each containing four units.

CES Module 1 - The Fundamentals

  • Language teaching, language learning: approaches to teaching English
  • Working in the classroom: the teacher, the classroom and teaching skills
  • Language awareness: the grammar of English and how to approach it
  • Issues in presenting new language: how to present language in a practical way

CES Module 2 - Teaching the Four Language Skills

  • Speaking - how to teach speaking skills: teaching the sounds, stress and intonation of English
  • Listening - how to teach listening skills: practical approaches you can use in the classroom
  • Reading - how to teach reading skills: practical ideas in teaching intensive and extensive reading
  • Writing - how to teach writing skills: from individual sentences to descriptive passages

CES Module 3 - Practical Skills for the TESOL teacher

  • Lesson planning: a template for the preparation of your lessons
  • Teaching vocabulary: how to teach new language quickly and clearly
  • Practical language activities: a collection of practical and enjoyable teaching activities
  • Testing in the classroom: a practical approach to assessing your students


Each unit comes with a range of tasks that will provide you with valuable practice in the main ideas found in the unit. After completing a task you can refer to the feedback notes at the end of the module.


At the beginning of your course you will be assigned a personal tutor who will provide you with comprehensive and constructive feedback on your work. You may also want to follow up particular issues, so at the end of each module we encourage you to ask your tutor questions relating to the course content.


You will be assessed on a total of nine assignments - one of which is an essay-type answer of about 1500 words - the others being practical exercises relating to the content of each unit e.g. multiple choice questions, lesson plans, language awareness activities. Your personal tutor will mark your work and your assignments will be graded in one of five bands A to E; any work that does not achieve band D or higher can be resubmitted.


Successful students will receive two certificates:

  • a Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL from ETC.
  • a Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL with Associate Teacher Status from ACTDEC.

Additional information

Payment options: Single payment including enrolment and study modules 1, 2 & 3. Download from website: £325 (€364 $484) CD-ROM by post: £360 (€403 $536) Printed material by post: £390 (€437 $581) All our course fees cover enrolment, study materials (modules), tuition, assessment, feedback and your English Training Centre certificate.
Students per class: 1325

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