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Channelling for Beginners with Sarah Tyler-Walters

School of Intuition & Healing

In London ()

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    1 Day

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Channelling is a defined form of mediumship where Spirit draw close and enter the auric field in order to communicate. There are many levels of connection, from working consciously through to the deepest levels where the medium is completely unaware. The wisdom and guidance brought through in this method can be spoken or written, be for personal development or guidance for another. Today we will start by connecting to those in Spirit who wish to communicate with and through you. Then we will begin the journey of allowing them to come close and relay their information. Students will be encouraged to work at their own pace. No previous experience required. Booking/payment deadline is the 24th November.

Channelling for Beginners with Sarah Tyler-Walters

£ 65 VAT inc.