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England 19
London 6
  • NVQ
  • London
  • 1 Week

...Have you always been interested in architecture? Are you thinking of applying to study this subject? Would you like to learn more about the practical and conceptual skills required from architects? This beginners course will help you understand what is needed to build a portfolio and decide whether... Learn about: Architectural Drawings, Model creation, Model casting... More

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  • HNC
  • London
  • Different dates available

... of a combination of core and optional courses which provide appropriate training in each case for students with technical employment in the field of Quantity Surveying (estimators and cost analysts), architectural technicians, building surveying, building control or construction management (site managers... Learn about: IT risk, Construction Technology, Management of Risk... More

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Construction BTEC HNC in London college course
London South Bank University Department of Education
  • HNC
  • London

... context Supporting studies Surveying and setting out (option) Architectural design and technology 2 (option) Buyilding surveying and inspection (option)... Learn about: Construction Training... More

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  • NVQ
  • London
  • 10 Weeks

...Are you planning to study architectural and spatial design and want to develop or refresh your technical drawing skills? This course will help you to build your confidence and your ability to visualize and draw space by applying drawing methods to an individually developed project. The project... Learn about: Technical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Spatial Design... More

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  • NVQ
  • London
    and another venue.
  • Different dates available
  • 3 Days

.... You will have produced your own examples of architectural drawings, including plans, sections and elevations. You’ll be familiar with technical drawing... Learn about: Construction Training, Architectural Drawings, Architectural Drawing... More

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Architectural Model Making in London college course
University of the Arts London (UAL)
  • NVQ
  • London
  • Different dates available
  • 1 Week

...This course will give you an advanced understanding of architectural model making. You will identify and explore in depth the processes for producing models. Practical techniques will give you a solid grounding in many aspects of model construction. You'll explore a wide range of materials... Learn about: Model Making, Construction Training... More

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