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  • Politics
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England 120
Essex 4
  • A Level
  • Romford
  • 36 Weeks

...This unit introduces learners to the major political ideologies in the UK: Liberalism, conservatism and socialism, which have all had an impact on the political life in the UK and have influenced the policies of successive goverments. The unit goes on to consider other significant ideologies... Learn about: Social Policy, Political Science, Political Philosophy... More

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  • A Level
  • Grays
  • 2 Years

...Year 1 (AS). How Politics work - what political parties are and why they believe what they believe; why people vote the way they do and what their vote means; how pressure groups seek to change the world. British Government and its recent changes '" what the Prime Minister and the Cabinet actually... Learn about: Political Science, Political Philosophy, Social Policy... More

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  • A Level
  • Benfleet
  • 2 Years

...This course will appeal to students who enjoy debating current affairs and politics generally and wish to develop an understanding of the main issues and institutions that shape our world. In year one (AS), the two units of study concern themselves with questions about modern UK politics... Learn about: American Politics, International Politics, Political Philosophy... More

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  • A Level
  • Romford
  • 36 Weeks

... such as Elections and different electoral systems in use in the UK, Politics of the UK, Parliament, The... Learn about: Political Philosophy, Political Science, Social Policy... More

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Similar training online and classroom-based
  • A Level
  • Online
  • Different dates available
  • 24 Months

...This A' Level Politics Course gives you the knowledge to understand how government works, particularly in the UK, but also in other countries. Politics will help you develop your research and analysis skills. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of governments and give... Learn about: A Level, A'Level Politics, A Level Politics... More

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  • A Level
  • Online
  • Different dates available
  • 12 Months

...Are you fascinated by Politics, Governments and complex subjects? Then, you should look after the A-level in Politics added by Emagister. This course has been designed by the Oxbridge Home Learning course for students who have studied Economics, History and Sociology. The program... Learn about: Political Parties, Government Politics, Skills and Training... More


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