Colour Consultant -Therapeutics for Interior Design


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This specialist colour course teaching you how to use the mood-enhancing qualities of colour and light in interior design to create different atmospheres and affects.
Suitable for: Anyone interested in the healing power of colour to affect your moods and well-being. This course complements and extends your knowledge of the use of colour in interiors, graphic or fashion design. Also suitable for psychologists and complementary practitioiners who would like to use colour to create healing environments.




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Training to become a specialist Colour Consultant for interior design and architecture, paint and product development and manufacturing ranges.

Anyone who wants a career in colour consultancy and who is interested in colour in interior design, and how it can be used therapeutically to improve mood and health. Practicing designers, therapists, teachers and people working in marketing will find this course interesting and useful to further their career.

None. Good English language skills. Interest in interior design and colour.

Diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interior Design.

Colour Therapeutics for Interiors focuses on colour psychology and colour therapy and how to create balanced and harmonious colour schemes to increase health and well-being.

You will be guided to the webpage on the Iris School of Colour website, and sent details how to apply, study and payment options.

You can enrol onto this course at any time and study at your own speed. Most people take around 6 months to finish if they study part-time, but the course is valid for one year.

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Teachers and trainers (1)

Suzy Chiazzari

Suzy Chiazzari


Principal of the Holistic Design Institute. Renowned holistic design and colour therapist with over 20 years experience. Best-selling author of 8 books on colour and design.

Course programme

Colour Therapeutics for Interiors

This course is specially designed for students with a special interest in the healing power of colour to affect our moods and our health. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of colour so they can specialise in colour consultancy. The course teaches you how to use colours in both home and workplaces, thus creating a more relaxing and harmonious interior environment. It also can be helpful for artists and people developing careers in fashion, graphics, marketing and product development.


Light and the spectrum colours (includes a colour wheel and lecture CD)

The psychology of Colour

The healing qualities of colours

Creating a colour energy balance

Environmentally friendly paints and finishes

Natural and artificial light, therapeutic lighting

Colours for entrances and living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, childrens rooms

Colours for the workplace and company colours

Colours in the community including colours for the elderly

Continuous assessment with project type examination

Additional information

Payment options: Accredited Home Study Diploma in your own Study in your own time. Available via email, CD or workbooks (UK) Iris International School of Colour Therapy. IWOC accredited. Expert Tutor

Colour Consultant -Therapeutics for Interior Design

£ 460 VAT inc.