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      Important information

      Typology Course
      Duration 11 Months
      • Course
      • Duration:
        11 Months
      Description introduces the Master of Communication Design Labs, in which you will learn how to: master linguistic resources and applications and lead interdisciplinary teams in communication projects.

      The Master aims to raise the professional profile of students so that they can be part of new business structures, where concepts and language are ever closer. The near constant exchange between students and teachers (active professionals with wide experience in the field of communication) enhances the processes of innovation and creativity that characterise this master.
      Career opportunities: Creative director. Account manager. Marketing director. Brand manager. Strategic director. Conceptual director.

      To take into account

      · Who is it intended for?

      Professionals and graduates in any of the disciplines of the world of commercial communication, from traditional to interactive advertising, public relations, marketing, graphic design and product design. This programme has been devised with a multidisciplinary and international approach, set in the border between design and production.

      · What marks this course apart?

      - Because we learn by doing: only then is it possible to really learn. - Because we foster research and delve into the boundary between design, strategy and communication. - Because the multicultural environment between students and professionals from different places enriches their personal experience. - Because we offer the chance to network with companies and professionals of national and international renown. - Because the programme is based on an innovative and transverse learning methodology. - Because travel and visits enrich the knowledge areas. - Because the cultural activity during the course is intense and helps to complement the experience. - Because it takes place in Madrid, a European capital that is home to major institutions and companies, with intense cultural activity and highly accessible and multicultural.

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      What you'll learn on the course

      Product Design
      Team Training
      Communication design
      Communication Training

      Course programme

      Course Programme:

      The role of creative / communicator in a company is undergoing a process of transformation that demands a new profile. Companies in all sectors are starting to need a different kind of creative director, a person who is able to coordinate and deal with several specialists in the same environment and manage the processes that drive creativity and business strategies.

      The Master of Communication Design Labs creates favourable conditions to achieve, over a year of learning and experience, the following objectives:

      - Conceptualize, develop and communicate innovative ideas.
      - Lead multidisciplinary teams.
      - Build and communicate timeless concepts.
      - Establish personal contacts with a range of professionals from the creative environment.
      - “De-specialise” and unlearn to gain a broader view.

      The contents covered in the course are organized into modules:

      - Foundation (critical historical analysis, methodology, sustainability, visual communication...)

      - Specific (audiovisual language and production, anthropology, storytelling, copywriting, new communication strategies, briefing, advertising copywriting, branding, global trends, content marketing strategies, commercial communication projects…)

      - Transverse (design culture, applied creativity, team building, design research, design thinking, job placement…)

      - Thesis / research project (concept, idea, development, production, prototyping, display...)

      Project culture is the basis of the work dynamic and students learn by conceptualizing, developing, producing and communicating.

      The course is methodologically developed on the basis of:

      - Creative workshops
      - Activities and workshops during international trips to institutions, firms and companies. Previous editions have included visits to such diverse destinations as San Francisco, Silicon Valley, China, Milan, London, Denmark, Portugal, Barcelona and Paris-Boisbuchet.
      - Seminars and lectures
      - Case Studies
      - Conferences
      - Activities and cultural events
      - Tutorials for the development of specific projects
      - Thesis research carried out throughout the master's program

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