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At least 5 GCSEs with a minimum C grade in both Mathematics and ICT.

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Course programme

AS Computing
Level: AS/A2

Awarding Body: AQA AS Level Syllabus No. 2510/A2 Level Syllabus No. 2510

Course Content:
Course Content (AS Year 12):
Module 01: Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representation & Practical Examination.
Module 02: The Computer Components, the Stored Program Concept and the Internet.
Course Content (A2 Year 13):
Module 03: Problem Solving, Programming, Operating Systems, Databases and Networking.
Module 04: The Practical Project: Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Training and Maintenance of a Programmed Solution.

Teaching Learning Methods:
Approximately half the time is spent gaining practical experience using the computers, mainly with the Visual Basic programming language, but also using MS-Access and other applications software. Other lessons cover the theory required for the course, and involve a mixture of note taking, discussion and question practice. This will work towards:

- Developing you problem solving ability in a computing context using an algorithmic approach.
- Allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge of programming through problem solving scenarios.
- Develop your understanding of the hardware and software aspects of Computing.

Module 01: 2 Hour 'On-Screen' Examination (60% of AS Mark, 30% of A2 Mark)
Module 02: 1 Hour 'Written' Examination (40% of AS Mark, 20% of A2 Mark)
Module 03: 2.5 Hour 'Written' Examination (60% of A2 Mark, 30% of A Level Mark)
Module 04: Internally Assessed Coursework (40% of A2 Mark, 20% of A Level Mark)
In addition for the formal assessment, you will under take a series of weekly tests; both practical as well as theoretical.

Skills & Commitment:
This course is designed for those learners who essential wish to pursue a career in a computing related area:

- Systems Architecture
- Programming
- Database Design and Development
- Network Management

It also requires learners to be highly motivated and independent in their thinking. As this is a practical subject, all learners must be prepared (in addition to class time) practice their programming skills in order to meet exam standards.

Students will need to ensure they purchase high memory data storage disks, have access to a computer outside of college and purchase the core text book(s):
Understanding Computing for AQA AS (Ray Bradbury) £14.99
Understanding Computing for AQA A2 (Ray Bradbury) £14.99

This course provides an excellent foundation for progression to a degree in Computer Science, or one of its branches, at University. There is also employment opportunities post 18, either full time as a trainee programmer or in an IT department, or as part of a "sandwich course" which combines a degree with a one year work placement. The best students can apply for computing apprenticeships at companies such as IBM and Microsoft.

AS Computing

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