£ 1,300 + VAT


  • Typology


  • Methodology

    Distance Learning

  • Duration

    3 Months


Enka Engineering College now provided a new concept in engineering training This will assist students to grasp the basic understanding of what is required to make a good Site Engineer. Our virtual computer programme will enable students to see what they could do on a real construction site enabaling them to gain confidence.
Suitable for: Our course is aimed at students wishing to change career direction and also Site Engineers who have not been in the enviroment of construction for some time.

To take into account

You must possess a basic understanding of geometry and algebra, have a methodical and systematic working ethic, demonstrate and innovative approach to problem solving, be physically fit and show an excellent level of communication for implementing ideas and procedures.

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Course programme

We strongly recommend that any prospective candidates should consider this Training Course, if they are considering changing career direction, or need their skills refreshing before returning to the construction industry.

Within this period of two and a half months, you will be expected to learn all construction concepts using a

Virtual Programme

in preparation for the final 2 week Theory and Practical Course. If you miss any training within this two and a half month period, you can extend the course duration time with no extra cost incurred.

We will send you an Enka Site Engineering Construction Handbook, even if the candidate has no access to a P.C. or decides that he does not wish to participate within the Virtual Programme. We will ensure that you have all the relevant information and knowledge for the final 2 week course.

The Course Duration

  • Two and a half months distance learning or more if required without any extra cost.
  • Two weeks practical and theory at Swindon, shared accommodation provided.

Once the final 2 weeks Training Course is completed, you will be rewarded with your certificate.

Course Costs

This course is optional, not necessary if the candidate feels confident. The candidate can apply straight a way for the final 2 weeks Theory and Practical Course as shown above. If the candidate has not been successful in passing the 2 week Training Course, he will be awarded a further 1 week free training and accommodation in the Swindon Venue.

All international candidates or non UK residents must ensure they have an up to date P.C. in order to register for this 3 months Training Course.

All international candidates must apply for their visa when they submit their deposit.

Additional information

Payment options: Total cost for this opportunity is £1300.00, this includes for shared accommodation in Swindon (£400.00 non-refundable deposit, remainder submitted 2 weeks before Training Course commences or on the first Monday of the start in cash) Please note, at this late stage cheques are not acceptable on the course start date.


£ 1,300 + VAT