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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a specialised area of payroll, with a unique array of definitions, procedural responsibilities and calculations. This course covers all that is required for administering the CIS scheme correctly for an organisation.

Perfect for contractors, payroll coordinators, payroll managers and finance professionals who are responsible for processing and reporting CIS payments and returns.






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During the half-day session, you will learn what work falls within the scope of CIS, the definitions of contractors, deemed contractors and subcontractors and how each should be registered with HMRC. The requirements for obtaining gross payment status, calculating payments due to subcontractors and completing the CIS300 return are also explained in detail. Also covered are the penalties issued for not operating CIS correctly, the offsetting of CIS deductions and an overview of the principles of employment status and its applications within CIS processing. On completion, delegates should be able to: - Know their responsibilities to both the worker and HMRC - Fully understand the importance of measuring employment status - Understand the registration process and how to deal with unregistered workers - Appreciate their monthly responsibilities - Acknowledge the risk of HMRC fines and penalties

Payroll managers and supervisors who work for agencies or companies that are connected to the construction industry, and are responsible for processing and reporting CIS payments.

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Course programme

Overview of the CIS scheme

- Defining contractors & subcontractors

- Distinguishing between mainstream and deemed contractors

- Classifying work that falls inside and outside of the scope of CIS

- Identifying the three deduction rates applicable for CIS payments

CIS Registration & Verification Process

- Summarising the registration process for contractors

- Summarising the registration process for subcontractors

- Outlining the process for applying for gross payment status

- Explaining the verification process for subcontractors

Completing CIS Returns

- Overview of CIS300 Returns

- Calculating amounts liable to CIS deductions

- Identifying payment methods & deadlines to HMRC for CIS deductions & returns

CIS Record-keeping requirements

- Identifying CIS records required & appropriate timescales

- Summarising the penalty regime in place for CIS compliance

Overview of employment status

- Appreciating the relevance of employment status for CIS operations

- Overview of the factors affecting employment status

- Identifying types of employment intermediaries

- Overview of the impact of off-payroll working rules for CIS

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Construction Industry Scheme

£ 267 VAT inc.