Cookery and Tourism Schools in Humberside

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We provide the Personal Licence course (NCPLH) or (SCPLH) at over 70 locations in the UK covering both the English and Scotish versions of the qualification. You need this qualification to apply for a personal licence to authorise the sale of alcohol. See more

  • 4/5 (1 opinion)
  • 3 courses
  • At London and 38 other venues
  • Courses between £35 and £145

The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy

Nigel holds these exclusive classes in his very own kitchen so you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All the equipment we use is similar to what you will find in domestic kitchens up and down the country so whatever you learn you can recreate in your own home. We... See more

  • 9 courses
  • At Humberside
  • Courses between £95 and £175

Personal Licence Training Ltd

We are one of the leading training provider for personal licence training and licensing qualifications in England, Wales and Scotland. We also provide a full licensing service for our clients and can secure new premises licence applications. We also offer a full planning and change of use service. We... See more

  • 33 courses
  • At London and 38 other venues
  • Courses between £75 and £150