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London Business Training & Consulting

London Business Training & Consulting (LBTC) is the UK’s premier business and management training and consulting service provider. Located in the heart of London just outside Kings Cross station, LBTC caters to both individual and organisational clients from all over the world. LBTC vision is to meet... See more

  • 4.6/5 (234 opinions)
  • 490 courses
  • At London
  • Courses between 525 and 5,275
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We seek to provide an unrivalled value and quality service, enabled by our strong working culture. Our 500+ courses span Microsoft Office (365, 2016 and earlier) training (including a comprehensive portfolio of Excel training), Professional and Management courses (Time Management to Leadership & Development)... See more

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  • 57 courses
  • At London
  • Courses for 445
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Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is an online learning destination and MOOC provider, offering high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. With more than 90 global partners, they are proud to count the world’s leading universities... See more

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  • 642 courses
  • Online
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Brunel University London

Vibrant, innovative, forward-looking and one of the largest schools at Brunel, Brunel Business School is home to over 2,200 students and nearly 100 academic and administrative members of staff and offers a range of programmes covering all the core business and management disciplines at both undergraduate... See more

  • 4.6/5 (191 opinions)
  • 259 courses
  • At Middlesex
  • Couses of more than 3,001
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UK Learning College

UK Learning College is a privately owned organisation operated by the Dialgia Group. We bring together professionals in the distance learning market with around 50 years’ experience in both home learning and customer service, to bring you excellence. We have a comprehensive database of courses, containing... See more

  • 4.6/5 (164 opinions)
  • 554 courses
  • At Glasgow
  • Courses between 99 and 1,337
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SDL Training Services

SDL Training Services provides Information Advice & Guidance throughout all our work with employers and individuals. We are a leading provider of training & consultancy and what makes us different to many other providers is our commitment to a learner-centred approach and the high... See more

  • 5/5 (81 opinions)
  • 44 courses
  • At Lincolnshire
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Impact Factory

At Impact Factory we have only one area of expertise: People communicating with other people.The best systems, processes and measurements won't do it if people aren't aligned, committed, on board and feeling confident and motivated. There's something extra that develops people's drive, dynamism and team... See more

  • 4.7/5 (120 opinions)
  • 80 courses
  • At London
  • Courses between 201 and 3,750
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Brentwood Open Learning College

Brentwood Open Learning College is a UK's leading online and distance learning platform. We specialise in online learning and correspondence courses. Where ever you are in the world you can choose from our accredited courses. Our aim is to make Skills affordable and accessible for people from all walks... See more

  • 4.9/5 (68 opinions)
  • 184 courses
  • At Leicestershire
  • Courses between 28 and 760
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Bournemouth University

Our University has come a long way in a short amount of time and we currently have over 17,000 students of which 1,500 are international students from around 130 countries.We have a strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and graduate employability. By way of illustration... See more

  • 3/5 (465 opinions)
  • 220 courses
  • At Dorset
  • Couses of more than 400
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University of the Arts London (UAL)

University of the Arts London (UAL) is in the top 6 universities in the world for art and design (® QS World Rankings). UAL offers an extensive range of courses in art, design, fashion, communication and performing arts. Graduates go on to work in and shape creative industries worldwide. The University... See more

  • 4.7/5 (65 opinions)
  • 1152 courses
  • At London and 1 other venue
  • Courses between 5 and 30,000
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Wakefield College

Wakefield College We’ve been established since 1868 and are dedicated to giving our students the competence and confidence to achieve their ambitions. We offer excellent teaching and support, which is evident in this year’s A Level pass rate of 97%! It was the 10th year in succession to exceed 95%, with... See more

  • 4.6/5 (83 opinions)
  • 443 courses
  • At West Yorkshire
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One For All CSR

We are a training and consultancy that primarily focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility.Our main goal is to shed light on the ever-evolving development of CSR for individuals and companies, educating them to a higher standard of business.Our mission is to help companies perform better and create... See more

  • 5/5 (5 opinions)
  • 30 courses
  • At London and 3 other venues
  • Courses between 111 and 1,860
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Oleander Institute of Vocational Studies

Oleander Institute of Vocational Studies is an easy and flexible way to achieve your goals, whether you want to prepare for university,get a degree, change your career, fulfill a passion or learn new skills. It is geared around you and your life so you can choose how, when and where you study, while... See more

  • 5/5 (3 opinions)
  • 54 courses
  • Online
  • Courses between 39 and 1,838
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  • 5/5 (3 opinions)
  • 160 courses
  • Online
  • Courses between 7 and 31
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St Helens College

Do you want to study at one of the largest further education colleges in the country? If you've just left school and are thinking about your next step, then take a look at what St Helens College has to offer. We have a massive range of programmes plus a wide variety of qualifications including NVQs,... See more

  • 5/5 (2 opinions)
  • 523 courses
  • At Merseyside
  • Courses between 0 and 7,500
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City College Norwich

The next step you take could shape the rest of your life: we want to help you make sure it is the right one. This is a great time to come and study at City College Norwich. With our student success rates reaching their highest ever levels and with now five different National Skills Academies (Financial... See more

  • 5/5 (2 opinions)
  • 601 courses
  • At Norfolk
  • Couses of more than 101
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Bladonmore Europe

Bladonmore Europe delivers training and coaching courses to improve communication skills with key financial audiences, such as fund managers, analysts and the financial media. See more

  • 5/5 (2 opinions)
  • 12 courses
  • At London
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  • 5/5 (2 opinions)
  • 40 courses
  • At Cornwall
  • Courses between 115 and 1,400
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Goldsmiths, University of London

Our historyOld Goldsmiths from aboveThe Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths set up its Technical and Recreative Institute in 1891 to provide educational opportunities for the people of New Cross. The University of London acquired the new Institute and re-established it as Goldsmiths College in 1904. Since... See more

  • 5/5 (2 opinions)
  • 282 courses
  • At London
  • Courses between 101 and 2,000
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Evergreen Academy

We are a registered training provider and we are currently offering some free courses including the new QCF in health and social care which is fully funded by the government. You may contact us if you are interested or want more details about the free courses and eligibility criteria.Thank you. See more

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  • 41 courses
  • At West Midlands
  • Courses between 0 and 1,120
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