Economics Degrees in Cambridgeshire

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Cambridge Ruskin International College
LLM Digital Economy degrees at Cambridge
Cambridge Ruskin International College
  • Postgraduate
  • Cambridge
  • 1 Year

...Economy Legal Research Methods Major Research Project (LLMs) Intellectual Property Law and Social Media Optional modules Globalisation and World Trade... Learn about: Competition Law, Legal practitioner, IT Law... More

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Economics degrees at Cambridge
University of Cambridge
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Cambridge
  • Different dates available

... and several have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics (Sir John Hicks, James Meade, Sir Richard Stone, Sir James Mirrlees and Amartya Sen). The present Faculty remains committed to using economics to improve public policy and recent staff have been active on, among other bodies, the Monetary Policy... Learn about: IT Development, GCSE Mathematics... More

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Business Economics BSc (Hons) degrees at Cambridge
4.2 fantastic 12 opinions
Anglia Ruskin University
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Cambridge
  • 3 Years

.... Economics relates to every aspect of our lives: government policies; health; labour; and population, to name but a few. It affects the decisions we all make on a daily basis, both at home and at work. Training in economics is valued by employers because it teaches transferable skills. On our degree... Learn about: Business Finance, Business Account, Marketing Campaign... More

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Finance and Economics - BSc (Hons) degrees at Cambridge
4.0 1 opinion
Anglia Ruskin University
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Cambridge

...Develop the skills you need to make important business decisions, from expanding a company, to investing in new products and services. Our degree course will open up a range of careers in finance and economics, and could be your first step towards becoming a professional accountant... Learn about: Academic experience, Commercial Law, Finance Economics... More

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