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Scotland 6
History of Photography MLitt degrees at St Andrews
4.0 1 opinion
University of St Andrews
  • Master
  • St Andrews (Scotland)
  • 1 Year

...The MLitt in History of Photography offers a range of innovative modules that cover from the origins of photography to contemporary practices and debates, including modernist art photography, documentary approaches, photographic collections, and technological advances up to the digital... Learn about: Photographic Collection, Classical Tradition, Photographic Criticism... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)

...The Photography degree at ECA takes a holistic view of the medium. Students explore photography in its broadest sense, acquiring skills in handling small, medium and large-format cameras - both digital and analogue practices are supported. An emphasis is placed on the cultivation and expression... Learn about: Skills and Training... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Different dates available

...Our course and the facilities we have are quite unusual nowadays for a photography course, we’re running analogue facilities alongside digital. Working with analogue gives you fantastic grounding in how photography actually works and it's also applicable to digital technologies too... Learn about: Fine Art, Video installation, Photography Techniques... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Dundee (Scotland)
  • September
  • 3 Years

... for a wide variety of careers in creative practice and related areas. Our students work in wide range of mediums. Some focus on a single discipline while others enjoy a multidisciplinary approach. Fine Art mediums include: drawing painting sculpture installation printmaking performance film photography... Learn about: Art design, Contextual Studies, Fine Art... More

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • 4 Years

... of ideas through the art and craft of photography. The course has recently moved to a newly-built specialist photography facility, which includes six fully... Learn about: Skills and Training... More

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B.A. Art degrees at Edinburgh
5.0 1 opinion
University of Edinburgh
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)

...Edinburgh College of Arts School of Art offers honours level degree programmes in four areas of study; Intermedia Art, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture. The BA is a 4-year intensive studio based programme designed in preparation for a career in art. Students work closely with personal... More

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