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Digital Marketing Professional Diploma (PDDM)

In order for an organisation to make their product and services known to the public, they need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy that is aimed at the audience that show an interest in that specific niche. As technology has advanced rapidly over the past decade, the need for marketers to adapt to digital surroundings has increased and they are now required to take into account the digital side of marketing, as opposed to the tools and techniques that are used in traditional marketing.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course is accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute which is considered to be the foremost provider of internationally recognised digital marketing certifications worldwide. The syllabuses are validated by the Syllabus Advisory Council (SAC) which consists of members from companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing produces more graduates that are trained to a single digital standard than any other certified body with more than 17,000 individuals gaining a Digital Marketing Institute certification in 80 countries worldwide.

Who is it for?

Individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing and professionals who would like to validate their digital marketing skills and knowledge by becoming certified. It is also suited to anyone with digital marketing responsibilities within their organisation.






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• Digital Marketing Executive • Digital Marketing Analyst • PPC Executive • PPC Manager • Social Media Manager • Digital Marketer • Digital Marketing Officer • Digital Marketing Manager • SEO Specialist • Digital Marketing Consultant • Digital Marketing Strategist • Digital Marketing Specialist

There are no formal educational requirements to studying the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course as it is applicable to those who are new to the digital marketing field and seasoned experts who would like to gain an Course.

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  • Great service, emailed with a query and response was so fast and efficiently!
  • Excellent customer Service experience! I’m so happy and satisfied with the product and educational service.

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Course programme

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will enable you to strengthen your skillset and progress along a digital marketing career path by gaining an understanding of digital marketing value, creating digital marketing campaigns that are directed at your target audience and integrating digital marketing into your organisation’s general marketing strategy.

This certification will provide a strong understanding of key digital specialisations that include mobile and social media marketing, email marketing, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation. Upon completion of this course, you will gain an internationally recognised diploma, which will enable you to work in the field of digital marketing from anywhere in the world. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course will require approximately 30 hours of study to complete.

The Syllabus covers the following:

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

During this module, you will be taught the fundamentals of digital marketing. It has a strong focus on digital marketing principles and how to utilise them in creating a strong digital marketing strategy.

2. Search Engine Optimization

This module focuses on the techniques that can be used to increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. Included in this is the development of an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Learn how to develop, run and measure a search advertising campaign that is affordable. You will learn how to manage your budget and how to use keyword research while keeping your client’s needs in mind.

4. Digital Display Marketing

During this module you will be taught about the important aspects of digital display marketing. You will also learn how to plan, create and optimise clickable ad campaigns that your customers can relate and respond to.

5. Social Media Marketing

This module teaches you how to gain and maintain a following on social media sites that include Twitter, Facebook etc. Learn about social media strategies, using social media advertising features and using social media listening techniques that will help you to create healthy relationships with customers.

6. Email Marketing

Learn about the creation of effective email marketing campaigns that will nurture your current client base and prospective customers. Learn how to create engaging subject lines, and the creation of copy that will appeal to your clients. It also teaches how to test your campaigns and when to deploy them.

7. Mobile Marketing

Using emerging mobile marketing trends and technologies, you will learn how to create marketing strategies for mobile devices in order to timeously reach your target audience in the right way.

8. Analytics

Learn how to create online reporting structures, utilising a Google Analytics account, implementing analytics tracking to your organisation’s website and explore demographics, device usage and other analytical insights.

9. Strategy and Planning

This module teaches you how to create a marketing campaign that will be effective by using the core modules that you have studied. Learn how to define your target audience, create situation analysis, set and achieve goals that can be measured, plan and track your campaign accurately.


This course is presented online in its entirety through a mixture of video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, interactive quizzes and a supportive student network. This enables you to study the entire course from the comfort of your own home, giving you the opportunity to revise as many times as you feel is necessary, until you are confident that you are ready to book and sit your exam.

In order for you to gain a better understanding of your current digital marketing skill level compared to other professionals in the digital marketing field, the Digital Marketing Institute Diagnostic tool is free to use.

For any further enquiries, feel free to get in touch with one of our expert Course and Career Advisors.

Exam details

The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course exam consists entirely of multiple choice questions. You will have 3 hours in which to answer as many of the questions as possible and your exam will be graded by the Digital Marketing Institute.

This award is rated to be a credit level 8 by the SQA on the SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework). This equates to a credit level 5 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

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Digital Marketing Professional Diploma Course

£ 1,195 + VAT