Dreamweaver Level 4 PHP MySQL Web Application

In Sheffield

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Sheffield (South Yorkshire)
Level 3 Eric Mensorth Building, Sheaf Street, S1 1WB


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Course programme

Using open source MySQL databases with PHP server-side scripting, is increasingly popular amongst web developers. This is reflected in the large number of hosting companies offering PHP/MySQL hosting packages.

This course considers how as a web developer you can use these technologies for developing database driven web sites. As such this course considers the construction of PHP scripts and PHP programming techniques. Then it will consider how to create a MySQL database and to manage it with phpMyadmin. Each topic is supported by coded examples. As such, amongst other things, you will build a user registration system, a shopping cart and a database driven web site. We will use Dreamweaver as our code editor because of its excellent code hinting support but the techniques covered can be applied in any code editing application.

By the end of the course, using practical hands on tuition, you will have an understanding of the following features and techniques:

  • Understanding PHP - see how to create and test server side scripts. Consider how to output/embed PHP with HTML using echo, print and printf()
  • Arrays - understand how and why to use arrays in PHP. Consider index and associate arrays, and how to manipulate arrays through a range of array functions.
  • Using PHP with MySQL - learn how to connect to a MySQL database with PHP. Learn how to query the MySQL database and output the results. Create search/results, update, insert and delete pages.
  • Using PHP with Email - learn how send out Email via PHP. Use PHP/MySQL to build a user registration application.
  • PHP Basics - learn the PHP syntax and gain understanding of concepts such as data types, comments, 'magic quotes', 'register_global' and FORM and URL variables.
  • Understanding MySQL - see how to create a MySQL database. Consider Common data types such as CHAR, VARCHAR, INT, FLOAT and DATATIME. Consider concepts such as primary keys and Indexes, table joins, and 'default'/'Not Null' values.
  • Handling Dates - consider how to manipulate time/date data in PHP and MySQL. See how to create timestamps, query by timestamps and insert timestamps into MySQL.
  • PHP Security - understand security issues with PHP. Consider how to improve the security of your PHP/MySQL application.
  • PHP Programming - consider PHP Programming techniques such as arthimetric operators, the ternary operator, conditional logic, looping, user-defined functions and server side includes.
  • Administering MySQL with phpMyadmin - Use phpMyadmin to create and manage a MySQL database. Learn how to populate database tables with data.
  • Cookies and Sessions - understand the 'statelessness' of the web. Learn how to use cookies and sessions to recognise users. Compare and contrast cookies and sessions. Consider good practice.
  • PHP Shopping Cart - Combine database connectivity, cookies/sessions and arrays to build a shopping cart application.

Dreamweaver Level 4 PHP MySQL Web Application

£ 585 VAT inc.