Elementary Food and Health for the Childcare Sector

Vocational qualification

In Galashiels

£ 80 + VAT


  • Type

    Vocational qualification

  • Location

    Galashiels (Scotland)

  • Duration

    1 Day



Start date

Galashiels (Borders)
Bc Business Consultants Ltd, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, TD1 3HE

Start date

On request

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Course programme

REHIS Elementary Food and Health Course for the Childcare Sector

Covering the function of Food, Energy Measurements, Eating for Health and Action Planning in line with National Initiatives. This course is aimed at individuals who are employed where food and its preparation is part of their job role .

Course Information:

One day course including multiple choice examination, it can also be delivered over two-half day sessions. REHIS certificate awarded on successful completion of the course.

Elementary Food and Health for the Childcare Sector

£ 80 + VAT