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A little about what we do on the course:
The first step to opening up for our potential is to reduce stress.
Many people talk about having a lot to do, and they become stressed by it. We know that stress is created inside of us and that it is stress that we must do something about.
At the course you will be trained so that you learn how you may reduce your stress level, and results show that nine of ten participants experience greater balance and inner peace even while attending their first class. Self-development means to develop oneself. Not many think over the fact that self-development is the development we experience in life, whether it be by default or deliberate development. Whether we consciously work to develop or not, there will still be development. When we begin to work with self-development, we do it consciously. We can look upon it as having become entangled without being aware of what was happening, but we are able to untangle ourselves in a conscious, deliberate way. We must become aware of truths that are buried within that are not always good for us. It is therefore easy to start working on conscious self-development, but just as easy to drop it again.
At the course you will be trained to enter a subconscious level. You learn a technique that can help you if something is hindering progress in your life or if something is hard to deal with. Your ESP sense will be trained and enhanced, helping you to better understand your subconscious level and enabling you to transform as you wish. Our imagination can be our worst enemy or best friend. Best friend when we use our imagination to create that which we desire, and focus on the positive. Worst enemy when it is allowed to run away with us and create fear. Our will is located in our outer, physical level while our imagination is located in our inner, creative level. This means that imagination is a creative force and creates that which is good and that which is not so good, based on old truths. It is important to be aware of what you use your imagination for, and at the course you learn to take control and make choices in your own life. What do you want in life? It is quite natural for people to "sleep on it" or think something over for a few days if there are situations that are difficult or that we must find a solution for. You will learn a technique that will help you to be in the right place at the right time, to create smooth flow in your life and find comprehensive solutions that are good for the whole. Goals are an important part of the program that enable goal-oriented self-development. We work specifically with goals and how to reach them. Measurements done using an EEG in December 2009 showed that our level of meditation is reinforced when we have an intention to give. At the course we train intention and focus. An intention is your thought and the focus you hold. Intention is important when you work with goal-oriented self-development.

We welcome you to the course


£ 347 VAT inc.