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Suitable for: Those who wish to learn this popular spreadsheet program to an advanced level.




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Course programme

Course Objective: To teach the Excel 2007 program to an advanced level and to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist test (MCAS) and ECDL Advanced (Spreadsheets) exam.

Course Content:

► Lesson One – Including: Using AutoFill, carrying out date calculations, adding a worksheet background, showing/hiding gridlines and headings, creating and working with tables, converting text to columns, removing duplicates, consolidating data, hiding/un-hiding worksheets, using paste special, creating a custom format

► Lesson Two – Including: Defining, using and managing named ranges, using named ranges in formulas, inserting, modifying and removing hyperlinks, formatting elements of a column chart, using functions: ROUND; SUMIF; SUMIF; IF; IFERROR; AND, using the IF function nested with OR

► Lesson Three – Including: Using conditional formatting, editing a conditional formatting rule, using the Rules Manager, formatting cells meeting a specific condition, applying more than one conditional formatting rule, sorting data using cell attributes, filtering data using cell attributes, using advanced filter options

► Lesson Four – Including: Recording and running macros, editing a macro, running a macro from the Quick Access Toolbar, deleting macros, using data validation, tracing precedent/dependent cells in a worksheet, evaluating formulas, tracing errors.

► Lesson Five – Including: Summarising data using subtotals, using database functions, grouping and ungrouping data, creating a pivot table, refreshing pivot table data, filtering information in a pivot table, formatting pivot table data

► Lesson Six – Including: Inserting headers and footers, copying and pasting data between worksheets, grouping and ungrouping worksheets, creating a new workbook, switching between workbooks, viewing multiple workbooks, hiding and unhiding a workbook, saving as a template, creating a workbook from a template, using existing templates and online resources

► Lesson Seven – Including: Protecting worksheet cells, applying and removing passwords, setting file properties, sharing workbooks, merging workbooks, tracking changes, accepting or rejecting changes, using the Document Inspector, marking a workbook as final, removing a password, adding a digital signature

Lesson Eight – Including: Using statistical functions: COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, using text functions: PROPER, UPPER; LOWER, CONCATENATE, using financial functions: PV; NPV; RATE, using nested functions

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