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To allow students to: improve their reading, writing, listening & speaking skills. become familiar with the format of the FCE & CAE exams. improve their exam technique. practise the kind of questions they will have to answer in the exams. take practice exam papers



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103a Oxford Street, W1D 2HG

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Course programme

In these classes students develop their General English language skills whilst working towards taking one of the Cambridge exams.

Course design

  • A course book is assigned each term that is used every day in class. It is very important for students to buy this course book as it provides the basis of the course.
  • The course books chosen for this course are always focussed on the exam in question.
  • There is regular exam practice. This may take the form of one whole paper from the exam or a sample of questions.
  • Supplementary materials are also used to add variety and consolidate the course book- based work.
  • Teachers often set homework for this course. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments. The FCE & CAE exams are challenging and students must be prepared to devote plenty of time to private study if they wish to pass.
  • Every week there is revision of the work done in the previous week. As we operate a continuous enrolment system, new students join the class all of the time. By revising functions, tenses and lexis, new students are not left behind. We also believe that revision and reinforcement are necessary learning tools.
  • One week before the FCE or CAE exam, students can choose to take intensive exam practice to aid their preparation.

Please note: students may enrol on this course any Monday.

Study Hours & Sessions Available

Students may take this class for any length of time that they wish. However, we recommend that they are in the class for at least ten weeks before the exam they wish to take.

FCE class:

Start Date: Start any Monday


  • 9:00-12:00 (break 10:30-10:50)
    Location: Both branches
  • 12:20-3:20 (break 2-2:20)
    Location: Finsbury Park
  • 3:30-6:30 (break 5-5:20)
    Location: Finsbury Park

CAE Class

Start Date: Start any Monday

  • 9:00-12:00
    Finsbury Park
  • 12:20-3:20
    Location: Finsbury Park

Additional information

Students per class: 12


Price on request