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Fitness Instructor
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Reach Your Potential as a Fitness Instructor
How would you like to help the nation get fit?

If you would like to be the one people turn to for help in achieving their fitness goals, then this course is a great way to start.

Exercise is essential to staying healthy. More and more people are accepting that fact and are making exercise and fitness central to their lives. As keeping fit becomes part of everyday routine so the role of the fitness instructor increases in significance.

Imagine the satisfaction when you help people lose weight, become fitter and healthier, tone and shape their bodies or train to succeed in a particular sport. But everyone is different, so your role will be to work with your clients to design personal course that really work for them. You'll learn a wealth of information covering everything from how to assess a client's current fitness levels through to body composition and how to improve muscle strength.

What's the best bit? When your clients reach their goals it means you have too!

The Physiology of Exercise

  • Exercise metabolism
  • Hormonal response to exercise
  • Measurement of work, power and energy expenditure
  • The nervous system
  • Muscles
  • Circulatory adaptations to exercise
  • Respiration during exercise
  • Temperature regulation
  • The physiology of training

Physiology of Health and Fitness

  • Patterns in health and disease
  • Tests to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Exercise prescriptions for health and fitness
  • Exercise for groups with specific circumstances
  • Body composition and nutrition for health

Training and Performance

  • Factors affecting performance
  • Tests to evaluate performance
  • Training principles
  • Components of a training session
  • Training for:
    • - Aerobic power
    • - Endurance
    • - Anaerobic power
    • - Improving muscular strength
    • - Improved flexibility
  • Common training mistakes
  • Training for special groups
  • Nutrition, body composition and performance
  • Exercise and the environment

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