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Typology GCSE
Methodology Online
Class hours 80h
Duration Flexible
Start Different dates available
Delivery of study materials Yes
  • GCSE
  • Online
  • 80h
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    Different dates available
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Are you ready to learn French? Are you passionate about foreign languages?
Then this course is just for you! Emagister added to its educational catalogue the French- Levels 1-4 course endorsed by Linkword Languages.

In this programme, students will acquire an extensive vocabulary in french including grammar points up to GCSE level.

The course uses scientifically proven learning and memory strategies to greatly increase speed of learning by up to 3 times normal and to greatly increase enjoyment of Learning. The course has been shown to work well for good and for poor language learners, including those who are dyslexic.

In this programme you will learn subjects such as:
Personal pronouns
Indefinite article
Asking questions

And more! Join this online course and get the best out of it. If you want to learn more information about it, do not hesitate to contact Linkword Languages through Emagister.

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· What are the objectives of this course?

The objective of this course is to teach , in 60 -80 hours, an extensive vocabulary and grammar for GCSE and for learners wishing to rapidly acquire a knowledge of French for holidays, travel, moving to France and Business

· What marks this course apart?

Linkword is unique in having published 8 studies which show that it is up to 3 times faster than normal language courses for teaching both vocabulary and grammar. Here is what people say about Linkword “The most entertaining language tutor of all. It works and it’s fun” The Guardian A fantastic shortcut to learning languages quickly is Linkword Stylist Magazine “Linkword definitely boosted pupil self-esteem” Times Education Supplement “What do we recommend for (language course) starters? We have a very confident answer to the question. We recommend Linkword. The courses are highly appreciated by the learners – quite simply, it gives results. We call results an ability to read, speak, and understand the language in simple terms after 15 – 20 hours” Michael Woodhall, Director Language Learning, Manchester Business School “I am dyslexic. A few years ago, I found ‘Linkword’, I started to learn Spanish and it is absolutely fabulous. My husband does it with me and we both love it. It has to be one of the easiest ways of learning a language in the world. I run the British Dyslexia Centre and have told many parents about this way of teaching languages” Maria Chivers, British Dyslexia Centre “In the end of term result, the average mark with a conventional approach was 23.75%. This rose to 69% using the Linkword course” Vernon Thomas. Head of Languages, Bishop Vaughan School Swansea “As a dyslexic person I was astonished at how quick, easy, effective and enjoyable the Linkword system is. The website says that, with Linkword, people can learn up to 3 times more quickly than with conventional methods. I would say that with my dyslexic condition I have actually learned even more quickly than that” Andrew Glynn, Brixton

· What happens after requesting information?

After you request information we will refer you to our, where you can have a free demo to ensure the course will work for you. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have any further information.

· How can I tell if it works for me?

There is a free demo on our site If the demo works for you, the whole course will work for you

· What if I dont like it after I have bought it?

We have a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

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Reviews on this course

Jan McCann
4.5 10/09/2017
What I would highlight: I have tried the course in both German and French and have been surprising how quickly it worked.
What could be improved: .
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Tim Ferriss
4.5 21/07/2017
What I would highlight: An advantage of this centre is that for sure you can learn 200 words by day.
What could be improved: .
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Nada El Sawy
5.0 15/06/2017
What I would highlight: This is an excellent way to increase your foreign language vocabulary.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Vernon Thomas
4.5 13/05/2017
What I would highlight: My marks have increased after studying with Linkword.
What could be improved: .
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
Allan Dunn
4.5 11/06/2016
What I would highlight: I have used linkword since I first spotted the books back in the 80s. It’s the best language method ever!
What could be improved: Nothing.
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
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What you'll learn on the course

Gcse grammar
Extensive vocabulary
French Grammar
French Speaking
French vocabulary
Writing Skills
Listening Skills
Language-level tests

Teachers and trainers (1)

michael gruneberg
michael gruneberg

Author of Linkword language courses. Author of a large number of studies on memory improvement in language learning. Formerly President of the international learned Society of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition

Course programme

Main Grammar Points for French level 1-4

Adjective agreements and endings
Definite article
Personal pronouns
Indefinite article
Asking questions
Telling the time
“Was and Were”
Asking Questions 2
Personal pronouns and verbs
Days of the week
My, His, etc
My, Your, etc

Asking or answering someone
Possessives 2
I am going to.
Him, her, it, etc
This and That
I have to
Past tense
I, you, he, she etc with verbs
I am eating
Useful phrases based on what has been learned

You, formal and informal
“Going to”
My, Your etc
“Best, worst”
“To Have ”
Irregular verbs
Questions 3
Past with negatives
Questions 3
Negatives with questions
Before, along
Questions 4
Other, some, something, all
More irregular verbs
“To Come, want, ,do, see, be, go, know”
Adjectives before nouns
To me, to you etc
Verbs taking “I am” in the past
I eat x (general) v. I eat some x
There and some

Numbers to 1000
First, second etc
Past tense patterns
“So and when”
“Never, Nothing, nobody”
“Would and should”
“Mine, yours etc”
“This and That”
I had
“Eating, going, doing”
“Myself, yourself, etc”
“Here is, there are”
“Which, who, whom”
Letter writing"