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Carrickfergus (County Antrim)
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It is important for us to understand events in our world today, since they make such an impact on our own lives. A full understanding of these events depends on a knowledge of what happened in the past. History shows the important links between PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

What's the most interesting thing in the world? Isn't it people? real people?
Well, that's what History is about. It is the story of people who lived in the past and whose activities created the condition in which we live today! If you like people, you should like History

But will it be any use to me when I'm older?
Apart from being very interesting, History is very useful. Employers who see that you have a qualification in History know certain things about you. They will know that you have taken on certain key skills which, learnt through History, can be applied to all sorts of other situations.

They know that:

  • You have experience in being a group member or leader
  • You can make sound judgements and decisions
  • You understand the difference between reality & propaganda
  • You have research skills
  • You have an understanding of Cause & Consequence
  • You can understand different points of view and the reasons for them
  • You can analyse and evaluate sources of information

What do I study?
In GCSE History, you study the following topics:

Nazi Germany

  • Discover how and why Hitler, who was in jail in 1924, just 10 years later became both Chancellor and President of Germany!
  • Find out - Was Hitler his real name?
  • Was he even German?

War-Time in Britain, N. Ireland and Eire

Discover what it was like to live in a city like Belfast during the war. Learn about the Blitz; the black-outs;rationing;gas-masks; the people who slept in ditches etc.

The Superpowers

  • Who were they? Learn about the Space Race; Nuclear Weapons; spies; Star Wars;
  • What was the Cold War? The Bay of Pigs?
  • Who built the Berlin Wall and why?

GCSE Coursework

For GCSE coursework, you will do an investigation of the Warsaw Ghetto, part of the NAZI persecution of Jewish people

Coursework is worth 20% of your total GCSE mark.
Careers for Which History is a useful subject:

  • Travel & Tourism
  • Library
  • Law
  • Civil Service
  • Computers
  • Research
  • Social & Probation Services Radio & Television
  • Archaeology
  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Millionaire?

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