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Whether you are currently studying your GCSE Japanese at school or as a private candidate, taking lessons with a private tutor will give you that extra boost you need to pass with flying colours.

Most GCSE students tend to learn in large classes, which usually means they don't get much chance to speak or practise their Japanese. Private tuition on your own, or with friends or classmates in a small group, means the tutor can spend more time with you and answer your individual needs, plus you get more chance to practice speaking.

Your Japanese tutor will not only help you pass the exams successfully, but will help you enjoy and get the most out of your learning experience. They'll be able to compliment any existing tuition you might be doing and can help with homework and address specific weaknesses.

Japanese Tutors will prepare you thoroughly for both written and oral exams. They'll use both traditional grammar based exercises and communicative techniques to help students speak more fluently and grow in confidence with verbal skills.

We always allocate a tutor that best suits individual students. We are especially aware of the needs of students studying for their GCSE and do our best to find the ideal approach and methodology for each specific case.

"A" Levels

Studying for either AS or A-level Japanese can be daunting and can seem like a giant leap from GCSE.
Complementing your studies with private Japanese tuition is an enormous help and not just at exam time.

Our Japanese Private Tutors will be able to quickly assess a students' strengths and weaknesses, and tailor the tuition to suit. This may involve improving fluency when speaking or helping to develop written skills.
Not only will this help students pass exams successfully, but your tutor will make the learning experience enjoyable. They'll be able to complement any existing tuition and can help with homework.

We are especially aware of the demanding pressures that students are under whilst studying for their AS/A levels, which our Tutors are extremely adept in recognising and creating a less formalised yet highly effective learning experience.

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Payment options: Price is for private tuition Price per Student One to one Two to one 3-4 students 1hr £26 £16 1.5hrs £36 £21 £15 2 hrs £45 £25 £17.50

GCSE Japanese

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