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Carrickfergus (County Antrim)
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Carrickfergus College, 110 North Road,Carrickfergus, BT38 7QX


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Course programme


This is one of the most popular options at GCSE in Carrickfergus College. In Year 11 there are some 20 Pupils studying towards GCSE and a further 40 in Year 12 They have chosen the subject for lots of reasons but most see it as a useful subject which they have enjoyed in junior school and wish to take to the next logical stage which is to get a formal qualification. Like all subjects Technology and Design involves coursework, 60% to be precise. This allows your teacher to monitor your progress over the 2 year course and to assist you with areas you find difficult. The results of the department stand up alongside any other and with a 2 level exam, FOUNDATION and HIGHER, it offers an entry level appropriate to all pupils.


There are 4 basic parts to the GCSE coursework for Technology and Design:-

1 Focus task on Designing. This is a 4 page report on a product of your choice in which you talk about the product and how as a designer you would improve it. It is worth 5% of your marks.
2 Focus task on Communicating. This is a presentation drawing of a technological product. It is worth 5% of your marks.
3 & 4 A design portfolio which accompanies your major project. This can be anything of your own choice and you will start it early in Year 11. The only limitation is your imagination. It is worht 50% of your marks

What do I Study?

Year 11
Pupils in year 11 will have the opportunity to work on their design project and should be able to complete most of their Technologycoursework in Year 11.

Pupils will also study:

  • Mechanisms,
  • Pneumatics,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Materials,
  • methods of joining,
  • Electronics and Computer Control.
  • There will also be 2 focus tasks, which will be attempted in year 11.

Year 12
Pupils in Year 12 will complete any outstanding coursework and the remainder of their theory. A great deal of time will be devoted to revision and exam preparation.

Gcse Technology & Design

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