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Emagister presents a complete online course that has been added to its educational catalog: HGV Transport Manager CPC. This course is taught by the Carlton & Jane Ltd T / A NTP Services Center.

Traffic Commissioners (the operator licensing authority) need that professional competence be tested by at least one member of the operator management team of most merchandise vehicles and passenger vehicles.

This applies to all companies that have a standard operator license. In general, those that operate vehicles of non-exempt goods with a gross weight of more than 3,500 kg (including the weight of any trailer) or vehicles that are not plated and that have an unloaded weight of more than 1,525 kg require a license and a professionally competent person.

The professionally fit person will often be employed as a transportation manager. One way to demonstrate this competence is by obtaining the relevant Professional Competency Certificate (CPC) from OCR.

This course has been developed to help students obtain the OCR Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transportation Managers (Road Haulage) (VRQ).

This course will provide you with all the information, support and resources you need to take the OCR exam with confidence. This course replaces the need to buy a home study package, since the entire course can be completed online.

If you want to know more about this course, please request more information at Emagister and our consultants will contact you to answer all your questions.






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This valuable internationally recognised qualification is essential for anyone entering the profession of Road Haulage Transport Management. It is also necessary for anyone who needs to demonstrate their professional competence to meet the Operator Licensing requirements. The CPC is a permanent award, does not expire or need to be renewed, although refresher courses are available. It is advisable to take a short refresher course every year.

The NTP Online Transport Manager CPC course is open to all. Unlike many other similar courses, you do not need any other qualifications to be eligible to enrol on the CPC course. There are no age limits or any other barriers to being accepted, although it is recommended that you possess competent English and Maths skills. Also, as the full course is computer based, a basic level of computer literacy is advantageous.

There are no age limits or any other barriers to being accepted, although it is recommended that you possess competent English and Maths skills. Also, as the full course is computer based, a basic level of computer literacy is advantageous.

OCR Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers (Road Haulage) (VRQ) qualification.

The online Transport Manager (road haulage) CPC course from NTP is the most cost-effective option available. You simply log-on to your course work at any time 24/7, from any location, and work to complete each module at your own pace. If at any time you need help, you can simply call our dedicated helpline number for assistance. A full support service has proved invaluable to the many students who have already successfully completed the course. This has led to a much lower drop-out rate and higher retention than many other similar courses. It has also facilitated completing the course and passing the examinations in much less time, than if you were attending day or evening classes or working to complete a home study course. The cost of the course training is an investment in your future, ensuring a virtually guaranteed income for all your working life. Course payments can be conveniently spread over several installments. Simply select an installment plan that suits your budget from 2 & 3 months. The full cost of the course training is also a legitimate tax deductible expense for self-employed individuals who are already working in the road haulage industry.

​NTP's online Transport Manager CPC course is a fully interactive online course. The whole course is run through a web based system which students are required to login to. Upon completion of checkout students will gain instant access to the course, they are then free to start learning at their own pace. Our course has been purposely designed to be as user friendly as possible. The system is extremely simple to use which means even those who are not confident with computers are still able to take this course. On screen instructions guide students through the course and an achievements tracker shows students which sections they have completed and which they have left to complete. Although our online system is easy to use we want to ensure students are completely confident and don't get stuck so we offer complete support to all students via telephone, email and online, both within the course and through groups.

This course prepares you for the OCR examinations to gain a Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations Level 3. If you successfully pass the examinations you will be a fully qualified Transport Manager.

​ You can study at your own pace. As an example to complete the course over a 12 week period you would need to study for 1-1.5 hours per day

All students have access to support via telephone, email and online.

Yes. You can go over each module as many times as you want to.

No. You have access to the course for 1 year and you can complete the course within that time frame as many times as you like

Yes. There are multiple mock exams and mock case studies within the course, they cover all topics.

No. All examinations are arranged directly with approved centre's throughout the UK (we will provide you with information and instructions) and therefore we do not have anything to do with their booking processes. In 2018 we will introduce this service.

No. Formal OCR examinations are carried out at approved centre's. A full list of approved centre's is included within the course along with clear guidance for arranging examinations. ​

No and nor can anyone else however, we have provided you with all the tools and information you need to enable you to pass them. We're confident that if you study and utilise all the tools we've provided you with, you'll gain a full understanding and increase your chances of passing.

If you fail the exams its down to lack of understanding, lack of study or lack of revision so we recommend that you work hard and be committed to your studies and utilise all the tools we have provided you with. If you do fail you can simply complete the course again, there is no limit on the number of attempts you can have at the exam and there is no limit on the number of times you can complete this course. You'll have access to this course for a year so if you do fail exams within that time frame you can re-do this course again without spending any extra money.

No. This course is open to anyone who wishes to study before undertaking the OCR examinations

Our course is web based so the essentials is just a computer / tablet with internet access. In addition we also recommend students have access to a printer or at least the opportunity to login where they access a printer and also a calculator.

Yes. Providing you have a basic understanding of computers and are capable of getting onto a webpage online then this course will be suitable for you. We've made it very user friendly and simple to use. We also offer every student support via telephone, email or online should you get stuck.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Transport Management
  • Transport Studies
  • Transport cost analysis
  • CPC
  • Road Transport Management
  • Financial Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Road Freight
  • Quality Training
  • European Single Market
  • Company Law
  • Industrial Relations
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Business Taxation
  • Vehicle Costing
  • Vehicle Taxation
  • Driver licensing
  • Traffic Regulations

Teachers and trainers (1)

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

Training Manager

In December 2017 we did something very unique to the industry, we introduced our own range of online training courses for all those involved in road haulage, From Drivers hours courses, Digital Tachograph course, Banksman awareness course, and transport manager refresher courses, alongside those courses we added an online compliance self-audit.The most exciting course for us that we launched in December 2017 was the UK’s FIRST and ONLY fully Interactive Online Transport Manager CPC Course. In June 2019 we launched the UK's first fully interactive Transport Manager online for the PSV Industry

Course programme

This course covers the following topics. The topics covered will ensure that you have covered everything that may come up in the OCR examinations and are fully prepared. •The European Single Market •Company Law and Business •Industrial Relations •Health & Safety •Financial Management •Commercial Conduct of Business •Business Marketing •Company Charts, KPI's and Work Plans •Business Taxation •Operator Licensing •Drivers Hours and Working Time •Drivers Records •Planned Preventive Maintenance •Vehicle Costing •Vehicle Taxation •Transport Ancillaries •Contracts of Carriage •Electronic Data •Weight Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads •Safe Loading of Vehicles •Transit of Goods •Mechanical Conditions (Plating and Testing) •Mechanic Conditions (Fleet Inspection and Enforcement) •Driver Licensing •Traffic Regulations •Speed Limits •Traffic Accident Procedures •Insurance •Vehicle Selection •Permits and Methods of Operating •Customs Transit Systems •Incoterms •Frontier Crossings •International Transport Documentation Upon successful competition of the course candidates will be fully prepared to undertake the OCR examinations to gain a Level 3 Certificate in Road Haulage Operations.
£ 750 VAT exempt

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