Holiday Pay and Leave


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Holiday pay and leave has been recently subjected to numerous case law decisions and statutes, becoming a difficult provision to manage correctly. Administering this entitlement usually falls to payroll and HR to jointly administer and this course is aimed at both disciplines.

Commencing with a detailed explanation of the impact of influential case law and statutes and the differences between the different types of annual leave, delegates are taught how to apply these parameters to a range of circumstances from backpay to zero-hour contracts to part-year entitlements. The interaction between holiday leave and sickness and maternity leave is also explored.






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To take into account

To provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge, case law and statutes which govern holiday pay and leave calculations and apply this knowledge in a range of circumstances, so they can manage this provision for their organisations accurately and professionally. - Be aware of legislation affecting holiday pay and leave - Appreciate the implications of the different types of annual leave entitlement - Know how to calculate entitlement for starters, leavers, part-week and part-year workers and pro-rata bank holiday entitlements - Know how to calculate holiday pay

Managers, supervisors and practitioners who need to understand both the legal requirements and the daily practicalities of handling holiday pay and leave.

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Course programme

The legal framework for holiday pay and leave

- Overview of relevant legislation

- Overview of relevant case law

Annual leave entitlements

- Identifying the three types of annual leave

- Identifying the leave year

- Calculating entitlement for starters and leavers

Calculating holiday pay

- Defining a week’s pay for holiday pay calculations

- Calculating holiday pay

- Detailing entitlement for starters and leavers

Part-time and irregular workers

- Calculating pro-rata entitlements to annual leave

- Calculating entitlement for 'zero hours contract' workers

Interaction of annual leave with other absences

- Examining annual leave entitlement for employees on sickness absence

- Examining annual leave entitlement for employees on maternity leave

Record-keeping and resolving disputes

- Identifying recordkeeping requirements for holiday pay and leave

- Highlighting potential issues and identifying suitable remedies

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Holiday Pay and Leave

£ 267 VAT inc.