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Learn the basics of creating a web page from scratch with HTML and adding simple visual styling to produce results that will appeal to your audience with CSS. Plus gain all the skills you need to get going with WordPress the powerful yet free web creation tool.




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Our goals are for you to understand how to create and adjust your own HTML documents and WordPress websites/blogs, and for you to understand how to enhance the visual appearance of your web pages.

This course is intended for anyone interested in producing, editing, or visually styling content for the web.

You will need basic PC or Mac skills, including a solid understanding of a computer's operating system (Windows or Mac OS). You will also need to know how to launch a program, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media.

This combined Masterclass course is the perfect way to understand the core languages that define the structure and appearance of almost every resource on the web together with gaining the WordPress know-how you need and open the door to a host of potential clients.

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  • Web
  • Image
  • HTML
  • Basic IT
  • Wordpress
  • Tables
  • Images
  • CSS
  • Colour
  • Add links
  • Alternate text content
  • Background images
  • Html/xthml

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WordPress Professional Certified

WordPress Professional Certified


Course programme

This 4-day Essentials course will cover everything you need to get started with producing HTML and styling your content with CSS as well as focussing on building themes with WordPress. You will learn how web pages are structured under the hood and how you can put together your own files for the web. We will also show you how to use CSS to control every aspect of a site's visuals: its fonts, colours, leading, margins, and more. WordPress is a popular tool for creating websites and blogs so we will show you the end-to-end process for creating a fully functional, professional website and blog.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the syntax and structure of HTML pages
  • Insert tags, attributes, and values into a page
  • Define titles, headings, and page regions
  • Add links, alternate text content, and background images
  • Position and resize images and other page elements
  • Work with colours
  • Use correct styles instead of deprecated HTML tags
  • Design without relying on tables
  • Include padding, margins, borders, and backgrounds
  • Write selectors to target only specific parts of a page
  • Produce horizontal and vertical navigation bars
  • Style hyperlinks
  • Differentiate between external, embedded, and inline styles
  • Install and configure WordPress
  • Understand the difference between posts and pages
  • Publish a blog post
  • Manage links, tags, and media
  • Approve or delete blog comments
  • Customise your site with advanced themes
  • Inspect and manipulate the WordPress Loop
  • Apply tags
  • Create custom navigation menus
  • Assign user roles and permissions
  • Activate plug-ins that enable enhanced features such as eCommerce
  • Attract visitors with correct SEO approach for adding title, alt and image names
  • Track visits by using the Google Analytics plug-in

The following is a general outline. The range of topics covered during your training is dependent upon student level, time available and preferences of your course booking.

Introducing HTML/XTHML
  • A brief overview of HTML/XHTML and the world wide web
  • Browser and resolution issues
  • The syntax and structure of HTML/XHTML
  • Introducing tags, attributes and values
  • Meeting logical and physical tags
  • Container and empty elements
Getting started
  • Understanding the DTD (document type declaration)
  • Defining the Head and Body regions
  • Structuring and formatting your content using Block and Character level tags
  • Fonts and colour
  • Sizing text and using headings
  • Indenting using Blockquotes
  • Using Horizontal Rules
  • Including Escape characters
  • Naming conventions
  • Including a Title for your pages
  • Testing your site in different browsers
  • Understanding colour for the web
  • Working with hexadecimal
  • Meeting web safe colours
  • Applying colour to text, tables and cells
  • The different image formats used on the web
  • Placing and linking an image
  • Adding alternate text
  • Sizing and positioning images
  • Creating a simple table
  • Adding rows and cells
  • Adding content to cells
  • Formatting tables and cells
  • Creating relative links between pages
  • Creating absolute links to other sites
  • Creating mailto links and links to non-HTML/XHTML files
  • Adding named anchor links to long pages
  • Adding links to images
Introducing CSS
  • A brief review of HTML
  • Understanding the limitations of HTML
  • The evolution and current status of CSS
  • Where to keep up to date with CSS
  • CSS and CSS2
CSS structure
  • The importance of DTD (document type declaration) when using CSS
  • The Style and Comment HTML tags
  • Declaration block
  • ID and class styles
Applying and modifying CSS
  • Embedded styles
  • InLine styles
  • External Style Sheets
  • Locating amending embedded styles
  • Locating and amending inline styles
  • Linking vs importing external style sheets
  • ID vs Class selectors
  • Descendant selectors and grouping selectors
  • The DIV and SPAN tags
Typography with CSS
  • Fonts and font families
  • Sizing text using different units of measure
  • Line height
  • Font weight
  • Working with colour
  • Link basics
  • Styling hyperlinks
  • Link text decoration
  • Creating rollovers using hover
Improved layout
  • Using the box model
  • Padding and margins
  • Element positioning
Getting Started with WordPress- Installation and Upgrades
  • WordPress in five minutes
  • Upgrading WordPress
  • New features of WordPress
  • Best Practices for upgrading WordPress
  • Importing and exporting data
Configuring your WordPress site
  • General settings
  • Discussion settings
  • Permalink settings
  • Privacy settings
  • Reading settings
  • Writing settings
  • Miscellaneous settings
Uploading and maintaining the right content
  • New features in WordPress
  • Creating content: Posts vs. Pages
  • How to write a Page in WordPress
  • WordPress categories explained
  • Using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Managing Pages
  • Managing Links
  • Managing WordPress Tags
  • Managing your WordPress Media Library
  • Updating your WordPress Profile
Blogging with WordPress
  • Writing a blog Post
  • Managing Posts
  • Managing comments
  • Fighting SPAM with Akismet
Make sure your customers find your site
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Making your content search-engine friendly
  • Using analytics to deliver accountability and insight
  • Adding Facebook and Twitter buttons
WordPress Administration
  • Best Practices for upgrading WordPress
  • Managing WordPress users
  • Permission levels and log-ins
  • WordPress User Roles explained
  • Managing files
  • The WordPress Dashboard
Detailed Wordpress Theme Overview
  • Anatomy of a Wordpress Theme
  • How Themes work
  • Template files
  • Typical Template files/folders included in a Theme
  • The Wordpress Loop
  • The Functions File
  • Template Tags
  • Conditional Tags
Modifying a Wordpress Theme - Getting started
  • Choosing a Wordpress Theme to modify
  • Category Templates
  • The Template Hierarchy
  • Understanding what to look for in plug-ins
  • How to view plug-in files with the editor and read the TXT files for instructions
  • Downloading and activating plug-ins
  • De-activating and deleting plug-ins
Security and Login
  • Admin roles and permissions
  • Security with Wordpress
  • Creating custom menus
Wordpress Theme Compatibility and Upgrades
  • Upgrading a Wordpress Theme
  • Theme compatibility with Wordpress Upgrades
  • Theme compatibility with Plug-in

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HTML, CSS & WordPress Masterclass

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