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This course aims to widen your vocabulary and improve your use of grammar, punctuation and spelling. You will gain skills through your study of material from different sources including literary material, non-literary material and media. You will also learn how to use written English for a variety of purposes from imaginative writing to making reports.

Objectives of the IGCSE English Course

The Edexcel IGCSE in English enables students to:

prepare for A-level English study
foster a love of language and literature in all its forms
communicate effectively in a wide variety of other subjects and situations.
read a range of material from a variety of sources, including literary material, non-literary material and media
read for a variety of purposes with understanding and enjoyment
use written English for a variety of purposes such as narration, argument, giving instruction and information, imaginative writing, making reports and demonstrating understanding of content, paying due attention to the appropriateness and quality of written expression.

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Start date

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About this course

Key Topics

The course is designed to match the Exexcel 4EA0 specification and is divided into six modules, as follows:

Personal Experience
Poetry and Prose
Essay Technique
Reading and Response
Content and Form
Anthology Texts

No Entry Requirements

Edexcel international GCSE in English (4EA0)

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  • I completed the fast track course. The support I have received was excellent. Really good course

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Course programme

IGCSE English Course

How is the course structured?

The IGCSE English course is divided into six comprehensive modules:

Module One: Personal Experience
- Lesson One: Writing about Yourself
- Lesson Two: How it is told
- Lesson Three: Imaginary Experiences
- Tutor-marked Assignment A

Module Two: Poetry and Prose
- Lesson Four: Poetic Form
- Lesson Five: Real or Imaginary?
- Lesson Six: Comparing Different Versions of an Event
- Tutor-marked Assignment B
- Lesson Seven: Plot and Setting
- Lesson Eight: Character and Dialogue
- Tutor-marked Assignment C

Module Three: Essay Technique
- Lesson Nine: Persuasion
- Lesson Ten: Paragraphing
- Lesson Eleven: Planning Essays
- Lesson Twelve: Points of View
- Lesson Thirteen: Constructing an Argument
- Tutor-marked Assignment D

Module Four: Reading and Response
- Lesson Fourteen: Reports and Brochures
- Lesson Fifteen: Newspapers and Advertisements
- Tutor-marked Assignment E
- Lesson Sixteen: Writing from Other Cultures and Traditions
- Lesson Seventeen: More Writing from Other Cultures and
- Traditions
- Tutor-marked Assignment F

Module Five: Context and Form
- Lesson Eighteen: Reading: Context and Images
- Lesson Nineteen: Reading: New Media
- Lesson Twenty: Structure in a Text
- Tutor-marked Assignment G

Module Six: Anthology Texts
- Lesson 21: Anthology Texts: Introduction
- Anthology Worksheets 1-9
- Anthology Worksheets 10-19
- Tutor-marked Assignment H:

Tutor-marked Assignment I: Mock Exam Paper 1
Tutor-marked Assignment J: Mock Exam Paper 2

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Support: You can also opt for our Easy Payment Plan and enrol online today by paying a deposit of £73.75 and then 4 equal payments of £73.75 per month. The first instalment is paid about a month after you receive your course.

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IGCSE English

£ 315 + VAT