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Kinesiology combines the techniques of simple muscle testing and energy balancing together with the principles of Chinese Medicine to access body function and inner energy. Kinesiology uses gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques to assist in improving health and increasing vitality. It is particularly helpful in assisting to overcome conditions such as allergies, anxiety, backache, depression, insomnia as well as skin problems.



Start date

Distance Learning

Start date

Different dates availableNow taking bookings
Different dates availableNow taking bookings

About this course

The Course aims to enable understudies to: Muscle Testing & performance, Emotional Factors, Treatment Sources, Stress Release Points, Balance & Imbalance, Massage for Muscles, Acupressure, Nutritional Balancing, Psychological Reversal, Allergy Balancing, Subtle Body Energy, health & safety, hygiene in the workplace, client care and communications, anatomy & physiology.

None. However, it is recommended that you hold a massage qualification.

Practitioner Diploma

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  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Kinesiology
  • Health & Safety
  • Client Care
  • Treatment
  • Psychological Reversal
  • Allergy Balancing
  • Hygiene
  • Subtle Body Energy

Teachers and trainers (1)

Tara Jewell

Tara Jewell


Course programme

There are six modules:

l Module 1 Health & Safety

l Module 2 Client Care & Hygiene

l Module 3 Anatomy & Physiology

l Module 4 Kinesiology

l Module 5 Treatment methods

l Module 6 5 Case Studies

Course Criteria

• Training manuals provided for each Module to be studied at your own pace.
• Question paper to test you on your understanding of each module to be submitted for marking before the next module is sent to you.
• Case studies - 7 treatments on a minimum of 5 different people to be submitted before certificate is issued.

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Kinesiology Diploma

£ 140 + VAT