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Learn a new language with a tutor!

This is your opportunity to learn a new language easily!
Emagister just added this course to its catalogue. Imparted by Active Languages, Geneva, this online course will allow you to learn from the comfort of your home, at the time you can.
You’ll train your listening, reading and oral skills, enhancing your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in the language you’re willing to learn: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian with the help of an instructions in your preferred language!

The programme was designed with micro- learning methods, that is meant to allow you to acquire your skills within 15 minutes of study per day! You will learn new vocabulary and gain language fluency by having a tutor’s help who will contact you by email clearing questions, giving feedback and also giving study tips.

This is a way to help you to learn according to your specific needs and giving you the structure adapted to you.
This course includes activities to reduce accent, a dictionary to translate words unknown, a virtual classroom kick off session, and tests.

Easy to use and engaging online learning resource with more than 30,000 exercises and 40 types of fun activities.

If you want ot learn more information, don’t hesitate to contact Active Languages, Geneva through



Start date


Start date

Different dates availableEnrolment now open

About this course

To progress by one level in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
To reduce accent
To improve listening comprehension
To build useful vocabulary and expressions
To have an internationally recognized Certificate Of Level"

"This ONLINE LANGUAGE TRAINING COURSE is for anyone looking to learn or improve on a second language in English, Spanish, French German or Italian.

This course is for levels A1 (beginner) up to B2 Advanced (and C2 Proficiency in English).

This course is for anyone who wishes to awaken their highest potential in a second language which will have a positive effect on every area of life: career, relationships and sense of fulfilment.

The micro-learning system allows learners to step by step build vocabulary and language fluency with less than 15 minutes on the portal per day."

Students need to achieve a minimum of 60% on their excercises to get the CEFR-aligned Certificate. (Exercises can be re-tried many times until correct. We believe in rewarding learner success, not in penalizing mistakes.

This course is different from other online language courses because of the method, called MICRO-LEARNING, which has been studied and proven to create deeper, longer-lasting learning. As a result, your potential to perform in real-life situations increases because your mastery and confidence in the new language is more accessible.

This process is used by the world’s top CEO’s, executives, private Swiss banks and branches of the Swiss government, as well as individual learners around the world. Now you can also have this powerful system at your fingertips.

A personalised learning path with content, articles and guidance tailored to your particulary needs and interests, whether they be general, career or business related.

You will be redirected to Active Languages' website where you can find detailed information on this course. We believe that the information on the site will answer most questions, however, if you wish to receive additional information, we will be happy to send it to you.

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Course programme

In this course, you will go through 24 units (one unit per week) that will take you from your current level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, to the next level. You will learn in a proven, micro-learning, progressive way, building vocabulary, developing listening and reading comprehension in the weekly TV broadcast section that allows you to check your comprehension with questions and answers related to eacchbroadcast and, in the weekly magazine section you will be able to engage with other learners by commenting on the interesting articles you read.
You will have specific content related to your interests, whether personal or business, which you can use right away.
The system will offer guidance and tips as well as motivation to give you the best opportunity to optimise your learning.
You will receive emails, reports and other documents with individual assessment by your personal trainer.
Your coach will supply intensive support with writing assignments and target checks throughout your course, giving you assignments and vocabulary that are tailored to fit your needs:- 6 months of online language training- 24 units built around the latest micro-learning methodology, with each lesson having a wide variety of micro-learning, progressive and engaging exercises with clear instructions in the language of your choice (one of 13 languages)You will be able to instantly correct your answers, allowing you to learn and redo the exercise until you are satisfied- A live, virtual orientation session, with a real trainer, in our virtual classroom. The trainer will walk you through your course, step-by-step, showing you how everything works and how to get the very most out of your experience- Authentic, interactie TV and broadcast emissions with contextual questions so that you can check your comprehension- Authentic magazine articles and posts from well-known sources with social comments, giving you the opportunity to interact with other learners who are reading the same articles- A Midterm and Final test, based on the exercises you completed – and if you satisfactorily complete 60% or more of your exercises, the two tests will be a breeze.- A valid level certificate, based on the globally recognised CEFR

Additional information

In addition to the core system, you will also experience maximum flexibility as it combines regular emails, containing questions and feedback on each unit, as well as continuous study tips and plenty of motivation.

Language course with Tutor

£ 268.30 + VAT

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

315 €