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The law degree will equip students with knowledge of the rules and the principles of law in its substantive fields. It will allow students to develop skills in reading, writing and analysis that will enable them to engage in critical evaluation of major areas of law against the social, political, economic and ideological contexts in which they are embedded.
Suitable for: The degree provides an excellent basis for those interested in a career in the legal profession, but it is designed for anyone curious to examine how law impacts on all aspects of human lives and diverse groups in society.



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You will need A-levels at grades AAB or the equivalent in overseas or access qualifications. Birkbeck also welcomes applications from mature students and each application will be assessed on its merits. If you are 21 years of age or over, we may waive the requirement for formal qualifications and will make our own assessment of your skills and knowledge.

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Course programme

LLB Law Degree

Full-Time Programme

Why study Law at Birkbeck?

The School of Law at Birkbeck endeavours to provide an education in law that is critical, questioning and creative for students from a range of different backgrounds. We aim to equip students not only with knowledge of the relevant skills, rules and principles of law, but also with an awareness of its social, political, economic, cultural, philosophical and ideological aspects.

Prospective students who will find it most rewarding are those who can demonstrate a thirst for academic study and a willingness to examine the political and social goals behind abstract rules of law.

Students joining the LLB at Birkbeck will have a unique opportunity to study law under the guidance of some of the UK's leading scholars. Research undertaken by our academic staff focuses on issues such as access to justice, intellectual property, the impact of law in postcolonial societies, the relation between law and ethics, the history and philosophy of human rights, and the interaction between law and culture. Research examines how law mediates in social relations, especially family relations, and explores the role of law in constructing gendered, racialised and sexualised identities.

Since 1992 Birkbeck has offered a University of London law degree in part-time mode which is accredited as a qualifying law degree by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board. Successful completion of the LLB qualifies students to go on and pursue vocational training if they wish to practice. For those students who wish to pursue an alternative career the LLB enables development of a wide range of skills which are valued in many types of employment, such as written and oral communication and presentation skills, critical analysis, time management and the ability to work independently.


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