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you will learn The concept of lean thinking and how to apply it practically within your office environment. The concept of ‘value' from the perception of your customers and how to use ‘Value Stream Mapping' (VSM) to identify waste in your office processes. How to apply business performance measures in order to identify improvement opportunities. How to apply lean thinking to a work based project using relevant tools and techniques.
Suitable for: Office Managers and administrators




Leeds (West Yorkshire)
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Course programme

Did you know that 60% of all potential efficiency improvements are found in office and administration processes rather than on the shop floor?

Many of us are using ‘Lean’ tools and techniques in some form on the production line, but the vast majority of us fail to see the benefits of applying the same continuous improvement principles to our environments. Applied properly, these principles can lead to increased office efficiency and a better, more responsive customer experience.

The Lean Office module will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Lean, and show you how to apply these principles practically to your office processes, helping you save costs, reduce waste and tighten up on efficiency

The content

  • Lean concepts and terminology including value added, non-value added and waste.
  • Strategy and deployment models.
  • Leadership and culture.
  • Performance measures, data collection and analysis.
  • Approach to improvement: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA); Kaizen.
  • Process mapping, value streams, defining value.
  • Identifying wasted activity using the ‘8 Wastes’ concept.
  • Basic tools - workplace organisation, standard work

The Work-based Project

By applying the principles you have learnt to a work-based project, you will deliver immediate bottom line benefits to your company. Undertaking this project will give you the valuable experience and confidence needed to lead future continuous improvement activities and add value to the processes you work with every day.

Commitment required

· This module requires three days of contact time, some of which may be delivered on-site at your place of work.

· Taught sessions are delivered in ‘learning sets’ (or project teams) of approximately 6-8 delegates.

· Following the taught sessions, you must complete an assessed work-based project focused on improving a particular area of your business, which will require additional study and preparation time.

Lean Office

£ 1,500 + VAT