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    6 Weeks
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There are many online courses available to build muscle, lose weight and get healthy, however our online courses are unique in that you will receive a tailored diets specifically for your needs and supervised by a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

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Starts Different dates available

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Reviews on this course

Yvonne Brown
4.0 12/12/2016
What I would highlight: Diet Specialist works worldwide. If you had any questions you have the opportunity to ask your dietitian either online or by phone. Diet Specialist is different and me being able to lose 3 stones in 4 months whithout me being in the same country as Diet Specialist, it's amazing. Thank you.
What could be improved: Everything was positive.
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Zoe Bellamy
4.0 07/09/2016
What I would highlight: I loved Muna as a teacher and we have built a beautiful friendship, she has seen me laugh and cry and is always there when I need someone to talk to. I feel fantastic after the weight loss and everyone is telling me how fantastic I look and i just wanted to share with you my success. She has a great personality and and helped me several times when I was feeling down. She really listened to me and talked me through how I was feeling. The best part of is is that she really cares, it is definitely more than just a job to her.
What could be improved: Everything was positive.
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Kirtsy McEnroe
4.5 11/05/2016
What I would highlight: Muna, the trainer, was very kind and aided me to lose weight and talk about my concerns. After measuring my metabolic rate she delivered me a food plan to eat each week. I was surprised as to how much food I had to eat and for the first couple of weeks! I felt like I was always eating. I didn't mind as I liked the food!! I have now lost 28 lbs and I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8. I have just bought a dress for my brother’s wedding and when I looked in the mirror I felt amazing. I noticed I have more energy and my eating habits have completely changed.
What could be improved: .
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Issam Ghannam
4.5 08/12/2014
What I would highlight: I have been trying for the last 10-15 years to lose weight but I would not have done it without the specialist in dieting helping me. I just turned 60 years old and at the beginning of the training I was 13 stones – 84kg. Since joining Diet Specialist I have managed to lose 2 stones (13.5 kg) in 3 months. I used to get tired very easily and having a lot of pain in my knees. After losing all that weight I feel much more energetic and the knee pain is gone. Diet Specialist has helped me to take off the weight that I have been putting on for the last 30 years. When people think of dieting, they always think that they can do it themselves and they don’t need a dietitian, but although I am a doctor I found myself still putting on weight and having difficulty losing it. I know that I would not been able to lose this much weight had I not seen a dietitian with continuous supervision.
What could be improved: Everything was positive.
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Miriam Ball
5.0 03/12/2014
What I would highlight: Dear Muna, your positiveness and enthusiasm has made it not just a simple diet but a truly life style and confidence boost experience. I feel so much better for having done the training and will continue to use your many information tips and ideas to stay active in the future. Thank you so much for all your hard work, for helping me to eat healthily and to lose weight.
What could be improved: N/A.
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What you'll learn on the course

Balanced Diet
Dietetics and nutrition
Diet food
Diet Plan
Healthy Food
Healthy Eating

Course programme

After sending us some detailed information about you, our dietitian will develop weekly diet plans that are tailored to your needs and will help to make sure you get productive and healthy. The diets include:

  • Six individual diets tailored to your metabolic rate, glycemic index, pH balance of the food and specific food preferences that they have.
  • Every diet will help you lose 3 pounds in weight; once you lose three pounds; your metabolic rate changes; so you receive the next metabolic rate diet, to help you lose a further three pounds.
  • Diets all designed by registered dietitian and nutritionist and tailored to individual needs of the client.
  • A metabolic rate acceleration programme; to help you achieve your dietary goals.
  • A detoxification programme; to help you clean your body from toxins and speed your metabolism and weight loss.
  • Lifestyle changes to incorporate into your lifestyle.

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