Mariana Calleja MD

Mariana Calleja MD


Mariana Calleja MD is a an online doctor and entrepreneur, creating healthy habits that stick, to help people how to manage and tackle stress to live a better and healthier life through small day-to-day changes. Pain Management specialist by the Salamanca University and over a decade of experience working in a number of different countries, managing pain, stress and its emotional consequences through the different stages of life.

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Don't Stress It - A Healthy Habits Foundation To Managing Stress - Online course
Mariana Calleja MD
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...Stress is the enemy of the overworked house-runner or parent, the employee struggling to make ends meet, and the busy self-employed entrepreneur... Learn about: Stress and Anxiety, Healthy Habits, Basic Health... More

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Mariana  Calleja
Mariana Calleja
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