Marine Biology, BSc (Hons)

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The BSc Marine Biology degree at Swansea University will provide you with an understanding of a wide range of biological and ecology theoretical and practical skills as well as providing opportunities for you to learn and undertake a range of sampling and survey techniques for both plants and animals. We will equip you with the practical, taxonomic, numerical and computational skills that are valued and required by many employers as well as develop your essential transferable skills, such as team working, communication, presentation, problem solving and analytical skills.
Biology graduates have a wide range of specialist and generic skills that can take you around the world. Our degrees open up career opportunities in medicine, veterinary science, environmental management and conservation, teaching and many, many more including:
Bat Conservation Trust
Animal Keeper - All Things Wild
Taxonomist - Marine Ecological Surveys Limited
Wildlife and Education Officer - Ipswich Borough Council
Research Assistant - TRP Research
NHS Medical Lab Technician
Benthic Taxonomist at Ocean Ecology Ltd.
Assistant Aquarist, Brighton Sea Life Centre
Senior Conservation Officer for CCW
Project Officer - Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Trust
Lecturer in Marine Biology, Plymouth University




Singleton Park (Swansea)
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University Of Wales Swansea, SA2 8PP


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Entry Requirements A levels: grades ABB-BBB, to include Biology or Human Biology, or equivalent. Welsh Baccalaureate: Requirements are as for A levels where you can substitute the same non-subject specific grade for the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Level Core Grade BTEC Extended Diploma - Grades DDD plus at least one GCSE grade B in Science with GCSE Grades C in English/Welsh and Mathematics. Only science-based BTECs will be considered (excluding Animal Management and Health Science). Scottish Highers: ABBCC to include Biology grade B. . All applications will be considered on an individual...

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  • Good teaching abilities thanks a lot.

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Course programme


Disclaimer: Module selection options may change.

Year 1 (Level 4)

FHEQ 4 Degree / HECert

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameBIO103Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Plants and Algae; Diversity Form and FunctionBIO104Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Cellular & Microbial BiologyBIO108Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Molecular and Evolutionary BiologyBIO109Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Core Skills for Biological Sciences

Optional Modules

Biosciences Welsh Options

Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Select Welsh or English versions of the module below

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceBIO105Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Animal Diversity, Form and FunctionBIO105CSemester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Amrywiaeth a Ffisioleg Anifeiliaid


Biosciences Welsh Options

Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : Select Welsh or English versions of the module below

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceBIO106Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Ecology and animal behaviourBIO106CSemester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)20Ecoleg Dyfrol a Daearol ac Ymddygiad

Year 2 (Level 5)

FHEQ 5 Degree / HEDip

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameBIO224Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15IchthyologyBIO227Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Marine Plankton And OceanographyBIO231Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Year 2 Biological Sciences Literature ReviewBIO237Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Marine InvertebratesBIO238Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Marine Ecosystems: Threats and conservationBIO245Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Techniques in Marine BiologyBIO252Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)15Ecological Data Analysis

Optional Modules

Marine Biology Field Course

Choose Exactly 15 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : BIO251 only available to students that have authorisation and valid evidence for missing Year 2 field course in any discipline.

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceBIO251Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Biosciences Year 2 field course alternative assessmentBIO260Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)15Marine Biology Field Course

Year 3 (Level 6)

FHEQ 6 Degree / Honours

Students choose 120 credits from the following:

Compulsory Modules

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameBIO346Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Professional Skills in Marine BiologyBIO350Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)30Biosciences Research Project

Optional Modules

Marine Biology Recommended

Choose Minimum Of 30 credits from the following Modules:

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceBIO313Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)10Diseases of aquatic animalsBIO318Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Ecology of Marine AnimalsBIO329Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)10Climate Change BiologyBIO330Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)10Tropical marine ecology and conservationBIO335Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Fisheries and aquacultureBIO338Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Polar Biology


Marine Biology Optional

Choose Maximum Of 40 credits from the following Modules:

NOTE : No more than 70 credits can be selected from any one semester.

Module CodeSemesterCreditsModule NameGuidanceBIO325Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Physics for BiologistsBIO327Semester 1 and Semester 2 (Sep-Jun Taught)20Tropical marine ecology field courseBIO334Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)10Advanced Data AnalysisBIO337Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)10BiodiversityBIO340Semester 1 (Sep-Jan Taught)20Professional Laboratory SkillsBIO342Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Sensory EcologyBIO343Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Natural Products BiotechnologyBIO345Semester 2 (Jan - Jun Taught)10Macroevolution and Phylogenies

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