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Master in Business Studies for Non-Business Graduates

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    3 Semesters


Are you interested in increasing your knowledge in international management? If your answer is “yes” then you should join this Master in Business Studies for Non-Business Graduates, by IUBH University of Applied Sciences, that has added to its catalogue.

The Master in International Management for Non-Business Graduates is non-consecutive, that is, it does not necessarily follow on from previous studies in economics. The programme is specially designed for people who would like to acquire fundamental knowledge of business administration and international management – with the objective of qualifying for a position in senior management.

So, if you want more information about this programme contact IUBH University of Applied Sciences through without hesitation. You won’t regret it!

To take into account

60 ECTS.

Once you have graduated, you will in future be able to work in top management positions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Financing and Controlling or also in Human Resource, Customer Service and Public Relations. Complete your Master at the IUBH and qualify yourself for attractive jobs in the globalised business world.

Bachelor´s degree (180 ECTS).

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Course programme

Preparation semester

In the preparatory semester, you focus on classical business administration content:
> Marketing strategy and planning
> Financial Accounting
> Principles of Human Resource Management
> Methods of statistics
> Intercultural Communication

This semester provides you with ideal preparation for the business content in the subsequent semesters of your Master's programme. Here you can become acquainted with your later specialisations.
After you have successfully completed the preparatory semester, you are well prepared for the subsequent two-semester Master's programme in International Management.

First semester

The first semester is for your expanding specialisation in your chosen programme.

Second semester

In this semester you complete your studies by writing your Master's thesis. The thesis is written under the expert supervision of professors and lecturers as an independent scientific paper for solving a management task.

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Fee for International Students

€ 7,490
€ 7,790

Master in Business Studies for Non-Business Graduates

£ 5,465 VAT inc.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

5,990 €