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      Typology Master
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      Duration 1 Year
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      • Master
      • At 2 venues
      • Duration:
        1 Year
      • Start:
        Different dates available

      The Master of International Marketing is the new course added by Emagister!

      This program has been designed in order to learn all about managing a business at an international level! During this course, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, product development and Business strategy.

      The Hult's one-year Master of International Marketing will provide you with the tools needed to stand out!

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      Massachusetts, USA
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      London, England
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      Massachusetts, USA
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      London, England
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      To take into account

      · Who is it intended for?

      Navigating an international job search requires an individual approach. At Hult, we are experts in international student placement and work one-on-one with you to craft a tailored career strategy.

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      Fraya Mathiesen
      4.0 16/01/2017
      What I would highlight: With close to 35 nationalities in my class, I got an opportunity to understand people across the globe in professional and personal front. This global appreciation is quite advantageous for people focusing for a global career. In the course of my Masters program, I have come across both success as well as failure which helped me to be conscious about my strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I am pleased with my time at Hult.
      What could be improved: Everything was positive.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      Former student
      5.0 12/01/2017
      What I would highlight: I would rate 8 out of 10. It is a great school if you are looking for an international platform to work and also create a global connection. I would suggest this program but MIM, as the quality is not good enough. However, the services like career suggestion are quite awesome.
      What could be improved: Nothing.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
      Did this opinion help you? Yes (0)
      Carl Madzimba
      4.0 30/10/2016
      What I would highlight: According to me, none of the business schools offers equivalent global involvement and divulgence. Hult will change your viewpoint towards the world. Hultians comprehend the true definition of "the world is your oyster".
      What could be improved: .
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      Carlotta Greco
      4.0 30/10/2016
      What I would highlight: At Hult, I had the best time of my life. The school provides awesome learning and also offers a great chance to get to know great people and develop a motivating connection.
      What could be improved: Nothing really.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      Moua L.
      5.0 30/10/2016
      What I would highlight: The other day, I attended the Marketing Camp UnConference presented at Hult International Business School. We were introduced to the Dean, who explained us briefly about the school, saying that it is one of the top 100 Business schools globally with just 15% Americans and remaining being international students. The complete perception of the school is that it educates you beyond the textbook theories.
      What could be improved: N/A.
      Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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      What you'll learn on the course

      Product Innovation
      Product Quality
      Marketing Strategy
      Management Economics
      Customer Care
      International Trade
      International Accounting
      International Business Management
      Trade Union

      Course programme

      Understanding the Customer
      This course focuses on understanding customers - studying how they think, act, and behave. The focus on the customer is one of the most important aspects of marketing in today’s exceptionally competitive world, because understanding the customer (and prospective customer) drives almost all other areas of marketing. These include target markets, product offering/ positioning, pricing, branding, advertising, sales channels, promotional programs, and customer service. Over this course we will explore the ways in which customers make decisions, how they find and evaluate potential purchases, and then how they purchase and use the products and services they choose. We will consider concepts around customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and the various ways that customers learn, perceive, and live their lives as they relate to companies developing better marketing plans and programs. We will also study the roles and impact of culture, social groups, and lifestyles and how they affect what customers buy and why they buy. Finally we will consider the types of research practice and methods available to study customers and track, monitor, and predict their behaviors.

      Products & Innovation
      Business professionals need to understand the vital role that innovation of products and services play in the success of all companies. There are significant risks associated with product and service innovation, and expertise in marketing and design is a critical skill for marketing managers. This course will examine the issues, strategies and approaches associated with developing, introducing and managing new goods and services in the global marketplace. Students will learn methods of identifying business opportunities, idea generation, concept development, market testing and introducing innovations to the marketplace.

      Strategic Brand Management
      A brand is a uniquely identified promise of value, which can develop into a relationship that consistently and competitively satisfies the desires of the stakeholders. A strong brand simplifies the consumer decision-making process both cognitively and practically. It reduces risk, drives expectations and differentiates companies from their competitors. Organizations of all kinds have come to realise that one of their most valuable assets is their brand or portfolio of brands. Creating strong brands that deliver on promises and values, as well as maintaining and enhancing the strength of those brands over time, is critical for business success. Still, branding presents significant challenges for brand managers and other marketing professionals.The primary goal of this course is for students to develop branding and brand management knowledge and skills. Students will learn how to make brand and branding decisions, develop a strategic brand plan and propose successful management of brands.

      Marketing Analytics & Big Data
      Marketing Analytics explores how companies can make data-driven marketing decisions. This requires the use of various metrics to quantify the effectiveness of marketing performance. Throughout the course we will work with various case examples to demonstrate how data-driven marketing can be employed for a variety of purposes, be it to improve profitability, identify new markets, raise customer satisfaction, etc. Given we live in the age of technology, we are fortunate to be able to collect and record huge volumes of data. Access to computing power provides us with the means to analyze data, but the key is knowing which analytical tools to use. Hence the aim of the course is to equip students with the knowledge to measure the right metrics in the right way. Consequently, it will be possible to justify marketing expenditure backed up with empirical facts. Firms which master metrics and have a culture of making data-driven marketing decisions financially outperform their competitors

      Digital Marketing
      Marketing communications have been changed irrevocably by the advent of the World Wide Web. The internet has placed the customer in control and at the center of all marketing experience. Mobile allows us to communicate and conduct business any time and anywhere. Social media has brought the power of word of mouth and user-generated content to an exploding mix of platforms and applications. This course examines the full range of digital marketing platforms and activities, defining best practices, exploring channels appropriate for products and services, and examining the potential for continued disruption and change. The course will cover the history of the web and web marketing, the digital customer journey, online marketing, display advertising, SEO and paid search advertising, social media including blogs, microblogs, and social networks, mobile, and linkages between the online and offline worlds. Students will also explore how to create marketing products and the concept of lean marketing, as well as the growth of technology and how it will lead to new opportunities and challenges.

      Integrated Marketing Communication
      The world’s best brands communicate their values and positions using a variety of media and channels, such as television, print, radio, in-store promotions, contests, and social media. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) explores the features of these channels and how marketers utilize them in coordinated ways to achieve strategic objectives. The course encompasses communication planning, execution, and measurement.

      Business Development & Channels
      The business development function is critically important in any company. The best products and services, supported by highly technical systems and processes, and managed by experienced professionals, will ultimately fail if the company doesn’t have a competitive function for generating leads, managing markets, and converting prospects into revenues. As a result of the explosion of channels and outlets today, business development has become very complex and sophisticated. Marketing professionals must design and implement nuanced channel strategies to enable high performance business development. This course covers all of the major functions of business development and channel management. It will run the gamut of activities from integrating with the strategic plan to operationalizing sales down to the level of determining compensation and creating sales territories. In addition to the selling functions, it will also look at how to successfully design a selling strategy that integrates and balances multiple channels – retail, wholesale, online, and B2B.

      Global Marketing Strategy
      From a strategic perspective, marketing is comprehensive and includes not only the understanding of marketing terminology, but also a method of applying it in a competitive environment. Marketing is dynamic and requires us to constantly be aware of the marketplace from the viewpoint of the customer and the competitors. The objective of marketing strategies is to achieve a competitive advantage for your company and its products and services. This course will focus on the dynamics of the marketplace and competition and will explore new concepts and fresh insights while students develop new skills. In addition, you will create a marketing plan for a business using the tools you gain in this course. Marketing strategies are the result of experience, education, and creative thinking. The course will utilize and apply all that has been learned in previous marketing courses. This course is designed to facilitate your understanding of marketing strategy and the elements that create the structure of a successful marketing plan.

      Additional information

      The full cost of your Master of International Marketing degree will depend on your living arrangements, if you choose to partake in rotation, and other personal circumstances.

      To help you understand the costs involved, we have outlined the estimated expenses, as well as the program fees. Costs are given in local currency.

      Program fee in local currency*
      Boston  USD 43,250
      London  GBP 31,200
      *Does not include USD150 application fee