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Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

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Level Intermediate
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Virtual classes Yes
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This course is aimed at prospective Microsoft Developers that are ready to start building enterprise web applications and are also preparing to take the 70-486 certification exam. This course covers training in web development, C Sharp, HTML and CSS, SQL Server, JavaScript, Object Based JavaScript, Model View and Controller, and jQuery.

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5.0 12/08/2018
What I would highlight: They offer a good course which is easy to understand. If you have any doubts the support services will make no late to solve it.
What could be improved: nothing to improve
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Javascript training
ASP net training
C Sharp
Visual Studio
ASP training
Web Development

Course programme

What’s covered in this course?

Module 1: Introduction to Web Development

1.1 Course And Instructor Introduction
1.2 ASP.Net Using Visual Studio
1.3 ASP.Net Tools in Visual Studio
1.4 ASP.Net Data Validation Part 1
1.5 ASP.Net Data Validation Part 2
1.6 ASP.Net Web User Control
1.7 ASP.Net Creating Web Service
1.8 ASP.Net Web Service Explained
1.9 Classes Defined

Module 2: C Sharp

2.1 Intro to C Sharp
2.2 Functions in C Sharp
2.3 If Statements in C Sharp
2.4 Static Variables in C Sharp
2.5 Loops in C Sharp
2.6 Debugging in C Sharp
2.7 Introduction to Windows Forms in C Sharp
2.8 More Windows Forms in C Sharp
2.9 Windows Forms Controls in C Sharp
2.10 Object Oriented Programming in C Sharp
2.11 Constructors and Destructors in C Sharp
2.12 Members of a Class in C Sharp
2.13 Class Inheritance in C Sharp
2.14 Abstract Classes in C Sharp
2.15 Enumerations in C Sharp
2.16 Exception Handling in C Sharp
2.17 Creating XML Documents in C Sharp
2.18 Putting it All Together in a File in C Sharp

Module 3: HTML and CSS Comprehensive Review

3.1 Intro to HTML
3.2 HTML Markup
3.3 Lists in HTML
3.4 Links in HTML
3.5 Tables in HTML
3.6 Forms in HTML
3.7 Intro to CSS
3.8 CSS Color Properties

Module 4: Intro to SQL Server

4.1 Databases Defined
4.2 Tables Defined
4.3 Basic Query Optimization
4.4 Defining and Using Store Procedures
4.5 Creating Stored Procedure
4.6 Executing Store Procedure from C Sharp
4.7 Executing Store Procedure from ASP.Net
4.8 Changing ASP.Net Interface to Retrieve Data Part 1
4.9 Changing ASP.Net Interface to Retrieve Data Part 2

Module 5: Java Script A Comprehensive Introduction

5.1 Intro to Java Scrip
5.2 Using Java Script for Data Validation
5.3 Using Java Script to Manipulate Documents
5.4 Variables in Java Script
5.5 If Statements in Java Script
5.6 Logical Operators in Java Script
5.7 If Else Statements in Java Script
5.8 Switch Statements in Java Script
5.9 For Loops in Java Script
5.10 For and While Loops in Java Script

Module 6: Object Based Java Script

6.1 Working with String Object
6.2 More on String Object
6.3 The Math Object
6.4 Creating Your Own Objects
6.5 String Manipulation in Java Script
6.6 Programming the Browser in Java Script
6.7 Browser Versions in Java Script
6.8 Working with Forms in Java Script

Module 7: Model View and Controller

7.1 MVC Mindset
7.2 MVC: Defined
7.3 Create an MVC Project
7.4 MVC Project Initial Walkthrough
7.5 MVC Building Routes
7.6 MVC Approach
7.7 Controllers
7.8 Controllers From Scratch
7.9 MVC Routing
7.10 MVC Routing Constraints
7.11 Routing Constraint Attributes
7.12 MVC Attribute Routing

Module 8: A Comprehensive Introduction to jQuery

8.1 What is jQuery
8.2 jQuery Effects
8.3 Get And Set Elements In jQuery
8.4 Add And Remove Elements In jQuery
8.5 CSS In jQuery
8.6 Ancestors And Descendants

Module 9: Course Review

9.1 MVC Best Practices
9.2 Testing The Application
9.3 Writing For Production
9.4 Review: Web Development
9.5 Review: C Sharp
9.6 Review: HTML And CSS
9.7 Review: SQL Server
9.8 Review: Java Script
9.9 Review: Software Development Lifecycle
9.10 Review: Design Patterns
9.11 Review: jQuery
9.12 Conclusion